FINA begins updating caps & goggles on "swimwear" list
FINA begins updating caps & goggles on "swimwear" list
LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND--Following yesterday's potential activation date (November 15), FINA today (November 16) has posted updates to the Approved Swimwear list. The additions appear to be only for caps and goggles, in line with FINA's recent memorandums allowing 2013 caps and goggles to begin being used yesterday. The now Approved Swimwear list can be found on the FINA site here:
Items added (so far) that went into legal usage yesterday are:
  -Aquadeus - competition cap
  -Arena - Aquaforce goggles
  -Arena - classic silicon training cap
  -Decathlon - competition cap
  -Decathlon - Swedish goggles
  -Diana - competition cap
  -Finis - silicon dome cap
  -First Ranked - Blast goggles
  -Hammerhead Sports - Radical goggles
  -Head - 3D racing cap "M"
  -Head - Stealth LSR goggles
  -Head - Tiger Race LSR goggles
  -Head - Ultimate LSR goggles
  -Jaked - Contest cap
  -Jaked - Bowl cap
  -Jaked - Spy goggles
  -Jaked - Slim goggles (line A)
  -Jaked - Race goggle (line B)
  -Mad Wave - R cap
  -Mad Wave - Liquid racing goggles
  -Malmsten - Swedish goggles
  -Mizuno - Accel Eye-S goggles
  -TYR - Wrinkle Free silicon cap
  -TYR - Wall-breaker silicon cap
  -TYR - Latex cap
  -TYR - Tracer Edge cap
  -TYR - Tracer racing goggles
  -TYR - Swedish Lo Pro goggles
  -TYR - Socket Rocket 2.0 goggles
  -TYR - Velocity goggles
  -Zoggs - Speedspex Mirror goggles
  -Zoggs - Predator Mirror/Junior goggles
  -Zoggs - Fusion Air goggles
  -Zoggs - Predator Flex goggles
  -Zoggs - Predator Mirror/Junior goggles
  -Zwei - Kilda cap
  -Zwei - Kilda mirrored goggles
7 new manufactures are added with these updates: Aquadeus, Decathlon, First Ranked, Hammerhead Sports, Malmsten, Zoggs and Zwei.
The above information published by the World Swim Coaches Association on November 16, 2012