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YNS Reid Sacco Trials / Finals


Reid Sacco Trial /Final Meet

The Reid Sacco meet hosted by YNS was the first opportunity of the season for our 11 & over swimmers to participate in a trails/Finals meet.  Trial / Final meets provide a unique opportunity for swimmers because it allows them to swim a race twice in one day.  This allows them to race in the morning, get feedback from their coach and then come back at night and make corrections to swim faster.  It is also good practice for the higher level USA swimming meets which are all trial/Final format. (age groups and above)

The format for these meets is as follows; all swimmers swim in the morning “prelims” (trials) and then the top 2-3 heats are invited back to finals that evening. (based on the number of lanes in the pool, finals varies between 12-30 swimmers per event)  We expect that any swimmer that makes it back to finals attends the session and it should be viewed as an honor and opportunity to make it back at night.  Not to mention that often swimmers are able to drop time twice in one day!

We had 20 out of 34 eligible swimmers (11 & over) make it back for finals, and 18 of those swimmers recorded best times at finals!  We also had 4 swimmers win individual events: Griffin Deschenes (50 FR), Brady Dixon (200 IM), Megan Metivier (25 FR, 25 BR) & CJ Patterson (200 IM).  Our largest time drop was registered by Thomas Choquette who cut 38 seconds in his 500 free!  There were also 2 swimmers who registered 100% best times; Aaron Fleischer & Adam Reed.

Congratulation to all of our swimmers!