Our coaches are pleased to report on how their training has been in the month of October, and to announce their Swimmer's of the Month! (please note that Mini Squad reports and swimmers will be announced under seperate cover)

The Junior Group has made great strides this month with many swimmers able to complete short sets with just a little encouragement and reminders from Coach Sue. The athletes in training are now able to read pace clocks, streamline, maintain breathing patterns, and many are doing breaststroke and butterfly legally! We are working on flip turns and starts off the blocks this month and hope to make this a habit by December. A special Congrats to Louise who dove off the block the day before the Jamboree swim meet! Some kids are starting to get competitive racing each other in practice and working very hard. I see great improvements in work ethic and swimmers challenging themselves. We have also discussed practice with purpose (PWP) Slow down and think when we are doing drills as we want perfect technique not just speed. Also congratulations to a few of our new 11 and 12 year old swimmers Joy, Selena, Dilmeet, and Julianna who have  moved up to Super Juniors with Jane.


Special congrats this months Swimmer of the Month, Lindsey Spear who also has been moved up to Super Juniors.  Lindsey is always smiling, has an extremely positive attitude at every practice, and is always trying her best.  She swam all 4 strokes 50’s under a minute at the Jamboree and we expect her to reach her sub 4:00 in her 200IM shortly. We will miss her in our group but are looking forward to watching her succeed at the next level!  Way to go Lindsey!!!

The Fitness/Winter Maintenance/High School group has had a good month of training and racing. We have focused on fitness, speed, turns, and relays. We geared the practices towards the High School swimmers as most of the High School athletes competed on relays at the Regional meet and qualified for the Provincials in Richmond Nov. 16th. Congratulations to all the athletes who have qualified. Go Pen High!  Also good luck to Ashley who will be competing in Vernon next week going for her sub 4:00 in 200IM, swimming 200 breast and 100 fly, oh…… did I mentions she is only 8!

This has been a solid training month in the pool for Super Juniors and Intermediates. Practices have ranged between 1600m-2500m, kudos to super juniors group 2 for laying down the gauntlet, they have consistently swum the most meters. We have had a real focus on this month about legal turns especially IM. I now expect everyone to always swim with legal turns so that this good habit shows up when you race. Good luck to athletes competing at high schools, Vernon and Kelowna. It is a busy month of racing ahead of us.


Grace has done a fabulous job in the water this month! She started the season off a little tentative thinking she might just be a fitness swimmer but with positive peer pressure from Sam, moved groups and is on fire. She recently swam at our home meet and had a great performance and was very close to going sub 4. This week in practice she easily went sub 4 swimming a 3:55 with all kinds of google issues. Well done Grace!

Sam Dougherty is an amazing athlete and always swims practice with lots of intensity. She participated at our home meet and had an excellent performance just missing going sub 4. This week at the end of a hard practice she stood up and swam a 3:48, wow sums it up. I am looking forward to see what Sam can do in the pool this season.

Probably the most telling detail about Age Group in the past month was their performance at our home meet. In a word......incredible!! Swimmers blew me away with many stellar swims resulting in new time standards. We now have 16 out of 19 swimmers with at least an A time standard. This of course means they have now qualified to attend the Kamloops Christmas Classic meet. This would be the largest group we have ever taken if the majority attend. It is truly one of the best meets to enter due to the heats and finals format, team travel component, and competition from around the province and possibly Alberta. Please strongly consider sending your swimmer, as the experience is unforgettable and the swimmers have been working hard to get FAST!! I will be telling them to BEG their parents to go, so be forewarned!!

We also have many of the same swimmers close to an AA time standard which opens up the opportunity to swim at the Provincial AA Championships in Victoria in February. 5 have already qualified and more will soon join them. Special mention goes out to Anna Spence who is the only person with an AAA so far. She will hopefully have some company soon.

Of course all these time standards are due to the efforts swimmers have put forth in practice. They are truly great at challenging themselves and each other during those difficult workouts. The swimmers are realizing that to be faster means getting out of their comfort zones. Breathing hard along with a racing heart rate are common feelings when swimmers push themselves. I am fortunate as the coach not to get many complaints about those feelings. Swimmers are learning the temporary pain can often have many long term benefits which feel way better!

We look forward to more great performances in Vernon and encourage everyone to sign up for Kelowna. I have mentioned to the swimmers that the Kamloops meet should be the first priority, and they should also choose between Vernon and Kelowna if not doing both.

Thanks for your continued support of our program and your swimmers!


This month's award goes to our good friend Emily Whelen, who made great strides attending our home meet. Emily's been timid in the past about participating at meets, but she put that aside and had many strong races at the KISU Pentathlon. She came away from the meet feeling much better about her racing ability and also learned how to manage her nervous energy. As I've previously said to the swimmers, if your not nervous before a race, then something's wrong with ya! 

Emily has also brought much good energy and fun to our group. She keeps everyone in good spirits with her quirkiness, while also being energized in the pool. She is working on how to swim FAST in practice when asked by pushing herself more. Thanks Emily for all your efforts and craziness. Congrats!!

The results of the Swim Academy group’s training are starting to show through.  The Iron Sprint meet showed some great results with many best times and some areas for improvement.  The High School Meet last weekend had some great swims (Theo Oliver went a 1:03 for his 100 Free on the relay and a 28.6 for his 50 Free).  We have 21 swimmers attending the Provincial High School Meet in Richmond in a couple of weeks.  This next month will be very busy and exciting.  We have the first annual Academy Potluck dinner at Tina’s house this weekend, the Vernon Meet on the following weekend, then we hammer down with a Distance Week of big volume practices running right into the Kelowna Meet and finally a taper into Kamloops where we hope to see some results.  Great job everyone.  I’m looking forward to the next month.


Eric has had a fantastic start to his season.  One of his main goals was to get an A time before the Kamloops meet.  He managed to do this not only at the first meet of the season, but he brought in 3 A times.  I think he will accumulate a lot more as the season goes on and will be adding AA times to his list before long.  But Eric doesn’t take home the coveted ribbon just for his A times . . . he takes it home because he had everything in place to get those times – attendance, work ethic, attention to detail and being a great team player.  Well Done Eric!