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Exeter Sprints

Hello Exeter parents and swimmers.  I want to start by thanking everyone for pitching in to help Exeter Sprints be a successful meet.  From a coach, board and swimmers perspective the meet was well run and the kids swam great!  Although the size of the meet made the logistics and organizing quite a challenge, everyone stepped up and helped to make the meet go smoothly.  Thanks again to our parent volunteers, Board members and coaches.  Below is a summary of accomplishments at the meet along with notes from coach Greig.

Time Standards achieved:

For the 8-under Bag Tags:

Jack Ambrogi -        B time in 25 Back

Elizabeth Bencze -  A time in 100 IM

Jalen Howarth -       B time in 25 Breast

Christina King -       A time in 25 Breast, and B times in the 25 Fly and 100 IM

Michelle LeClair -    B time in the 25 Back

Jackson Mercier -   A times in the 25 Back and 25 Fly

Lily Pleau -             B times in the 25 Back and 100 IM plus an A time in the 25 Breast

Charlotte Purvis -    A time in the 25 Breast and B time in the 25 Free

Megan Reich -        A times in the 25 Back, 25 Free and 25 Fly

Adam Sabatini -     B time in the 25 Back and A time in the 25 Free


Congratulations to all and you will get your Bag Tags tonight at practice!


Bag Tags for Power Points

Just a reminder that we give out Power Point bag tags for 9-older after the first of the year.  Keep working toward them!


Disqualifications (DQ's)

We want to remind everyone that DQ's do not count against a swimmer's Gummi Club.  If they improved their previous time, or if they had never done event before, they get a Gummi for that event.  We had many swimmers doing events they have never done before at this meet and this is AWESOME!  Trying a new event deserves recognition, whether you get disqualified or not.  We all need to start somewhere:)  We tell the swimmers all the time ...."You learn more from a race that wasn't your best then you do from a perfect one."  For this reason, EST is the team with the most DQ's in the first half of the season but it is also the one with the most swimmers doing a legal IM by the end of the season.  We are not afraid of new events!  We accept the challenge to learn and swim them all! 


12-under Swimmers of the Meet

The following swimmers went above and beyond at the meet for the following accomplishments:


Alex Bouvier for significant time drops in every event and almost under :30 in the 50 Fly!

Nick and Abigail Garey  for huge time drops in every event and much improved stroke technique.

Haillie Figueroa-Duarte  for great racing and time drops.

Tony Min  for huge time drops and aggressive racing.

Shea Smith  and

Noah Taracena  for swimming a bunch of new events for the first time! (Breast, Fly, IM, etc.)


100% Gummi Club

The members of this "Club" had a more difficult time making it for this meet because we had a LOT more events swum.  At dual meets we swim three individual events, but for this meet we had some swimmers doing nine events.  This makes it much tougher to make 100% best times. 


And we had 7 swimmers who did best times in all but one event where they missed that last one by less than a second!  The lesson to be learned?   That every little thing in your race can make a big difference.  That extra streamline off the wall or that extra kick on the finish of your race can mean a great deal.  Let's work to make those little things ..... er..... make that BIG things ... in practice a good habit.


Congratulations to the following swimmers:

Andrew Benson

Ophelia Bentley

Lauren Bernard

Charles Blake

Alex Bouvier

Jed Breen

Brianna Browning

Douglas Browning

Sydney Casey

Jenna Crampsey

Adrian Delli Colli

Haillie Figueroa-Duarte

Aaron Fleischer

Makena Gahr

Abigail Garey

Nick Garey

Bella Gerkin

Jalen Howarth

Erin Kelly

Christina King

Caiden Knox

Kelsie Lachance

Amber Ladner

Emily Loranger

Jackson Mercier

Emily Metivier

Tony Min

Mairead Morrissey

Laura Mustard

Brydie Olofson

Lily Pleau

David Reed

Max Reich

Megan Reich

Alexia Rosa

Adam Sabatini

Marissa Schwartz

Shea Smith

Noah Thomas

Ethan Thompson

Steven Thompson


Our 13 & overs also had a good showing with 4 swimmers winning events: Kellen Gray took the 200 back in 2:01.69 which was a best time by 3 seconds, he also won the 100 back.  Tess Oakes won two events in the 13-14 age group the 100 Free in 58.55 and 100 back in 1:04.12.  Marissa Patterson won the 100 back in the 15 & over division at 1:02.44.  CJ Patterson won 5 events: 50 FR, 200 BR, 200 FL in 2:06.06 & best time, 100 FL and 200IM

We had six other athletes place in the top three of their respective events: Marissa Patterson 200 bk (2nd), CJ Patterson 100 br (2), James Mundy 50 fr (3), 200 fr (3), Sophie Kenney 50 Free (3), Sam Hodgeman 200 br (3), Kellen Gray 50 fr (2), 200 fr (2), 200 IM (3), Hannah Dechenes 100 bk (3), 200 IM (2), Patrick Carigan 200 br (2), Zach Bishop 200 bk (3), 200 Fl (2).

Our largest time drop for the meet goes to Haillie Figueroa-Duarte who cut 35 seconds in her 200 Free!

Great job swimmers!