Mako Holiday Invitational - Wrap-Up

The full results have been posted on the PVS web site. We will be updating your swimmers' times after this weekend's TYR Classic meet and before creating the entries for the Mako Winter Invitational.

Coach Heather would like to thank all of our volunteers for a job well done this past weekend. She also appreciated all the donations we received for the hospitality room, and those who brought in pajamas and books to help support the Pajama Project and children in need. We couldn't have run such a successful meet without all of your help!

Congratulations to all of our swimmers who competed in our Holiday Invitational.  Our team had a GREAT meet, with a bunch of award winners and a TON of personal best times.  WAY TO GO!

Shark Award Winners

Emily Pavlina- OCCS
13-14 yr olds
Megan Katari- MAKO
Thomas Downey- OCCS
11-12 yr olds
Sally Burkley- SNOW
Decker Barborek- MAKO
9-10 yr olds
Ellie Whalen- SDS
Justin Ortega- MAKO
Sophie Duncan- SDS
Kevin Carchia- MAKO

1st Place Finishers

Decker Barborek, Pierce Beima, Kevin Carchia  Emily Drakopoulos, Helen Geddes, Anthony Grimm, Katherine Helms, Samuel Jackmore, William McLaury, Eleanor Monnig,  Anna Ober, Justin Ortega, Allison Pritz, Justin Singletary & Ian Vollmer
(Please note: If your name is listed above, you will not be listed below.)

Top 16 Finishers

Matthew Ahern, Riley Allison, Mary Arscott,  Alex Aung, Victoria Aung, Ally Bedell, Caitlyn Birkholz, Ethan Birkholz, Angelina Bolivar, Theresa Boyd, Abigail Brocato, Tyler Brocato, Mia Buck, Ava Byrnes, Luca Byrnes, Kyle Cassidy, Kent Codding, Maggie Corcoran, Trip Crowe, Ella Dahlberg, Kenta Deegan, Celia Duggan, Shannon Edwards, Michael Erickson, Devin Gardner, Alexandra Gaucher, Andrew Hale, Nathaniel Hamluk, Ellie Hannon, Brandon Henry, Brittany Henry, Kirstie Henry, Meryn Holtslander, Thomas Holtslander, William Hughes, Madeline Ice, Ava Jones, Natalia Joslyn, Brendan Kapp, Claire Kathman, Julian Kelly, Pete Kikis, Jackson Knouse, Catherine Krouse, Sofia Krstolic, Paul Kruthoff, Gabriel Lao, Michael Lee, Catherine Lim, Oliver Luo,  Alexandria Maahs, Ryan MacMichael, Peter Makin, Isabella Manizone, Jack McLaury, Grace Meshanko, Jimmy Moles, Michael Muldoon, Caroline Murphy, Mary Beth Myers, Alex Orlov, Julia Ortega, Ben Pastva, Natalie Pritz, Jamie Quinn, Sophia Rice, Jakob Robinette, Ryan Ross, Reilly Schweigert-Opas, Taylor Skule, Ava Soong, Kai Taft, Nicholas Thliveris, Ricky Veatch, Kaitlin Walko, Ashley Weldon, Elizabeth Williams, Olivia Williams, Christie Yeh, Michael Zhang
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Achieved Best Times

Elizabeth Allen,  Megan Allison, Hope Alston, Abigail Andrade, Sophia Bailey, Danielle Barr, Erin Barr, Phillip Beima, Colin Brady, Julie Brinkley, Alexis Burns, Bryan Buxbaum, Leah Buxbaum, Michael Carchia, Hannah Charters, Mary Choi, George Codding, Beatrice Cuccias, Mattie Rose Cuomo, Adam Dembicki, Sania Dhond, Bryce Donovan, Ryan Donovan, Sean Donovan, Sadie Drummond, Kelly Elson, Matthew Erickson, Sidoni Erickson, Graham Evers, Ellie Fiening, Chloe Fortune, Victor Franklin, Rachel Frazee, Katherine Gaucher, Trevor Gay, Carter Harpring, Kayla Hay, Ryan Hendrickson, Edward Ice, Julia Joachmin, Erin Jones, Megan Katari, Grace Kathman, Lenny Kaznachey, Ryan Kehoe, Rylie Keifaber, Ashton Krstolic, Zoe Lansbury, John Lee, Allyson Lerke, Sorra Lustig, Lindsey MacDonald, John MacMichael, Nathan Mo, Samantha Monnig, Jonathan Montenegro, Max Morris, Ryanne Mulligan,  Richard Myers, Andrew Nguyen, Natalie Nguyen, Madison Obermeyer, Akanksha Padheriya, Nandin Padheriya, Abigail Parker, Ryan Puxley, Sam Puxley, Garrett Quinn, Ellie Riley, Mateo Ronderos, Aleigha Scherber, Leah Schweigert-Opas, Molly Shapiro, Leah Walko, Leigh Walsh, Michael Wharff & Eva Willis