Coaches Dinner At McCovey's

To our incredible coaching staff,

This program has accomplished a great deal over the past year and we have so much to be grateful for.

·         We were one of the most productive and successful club in the United States for a team of our size (Virtual Club Championships and Club Excellence)

·         We have an extraordinary academic culture, in high school and through college

·         We have a team culture that is acknowledged by ASCA and USA Swimming

·         And we have a staff that would rival any, for a team of our size

The Fall Swimming/Polar Bear program has been the cornerstone of Orinda Aquatics, and that has become – you.  What is most impressive about this program is not that it offers the best instruction, or that it is run by the best coaches, but that it is run by the best people.  A parent could not ask for better coaches or better role models.

The year-round program has grown in numbers to a level that we have sought for over a decade.  We thank you for what you have done to facilitate that growth and what you do now to manage it.  This will give us flexibility and opportunity on a number of levels.

As we learn every day from society, it is not sports that build character; it is life lessons and guidance from individuals who care as deeply about personal growth as they do about athletic development.  Orinda Aquatic and each one of us, represent that. Your presence and impact is significant in ways that most will never know.

We thank you most sincerely for so many things:

·         for being a part of this program

·         for your selfless support of Orinda Aquatics

·         for creating the face of Orinda Aquatics to our community

·         for the expertise, dedication, and professionalism that you bring everyday

·         for your integrity, passion, and compassion

·         and for your invaluable friendship.

With sincere love and appreciation, and wishes for a very happy holiday season.

Donnie & Ronnie