Wish You Were Here: Ryan Murphy's World Championships Journal from Istanbul

Wish You Were Here: Ryan Murphy's World Championships Journal from Istanbul

Published at Swimming World on December 8, 2012

Editor's note: Ryan Murphy is contributing regular journal entries exclusive to Swimming World as he travels and competes with the United States contingent at the short course world championships in Istanbul, Turkey. Our thanks to Ryan Murphy for sharing his thoughts, and to Sergio Lopez for help in getting Ryan's entries to us!
Saturday, December 8, 2012
    We arrived today in Istanbul, Turkey. It was a very long day. My traveling began yesterday when I arrived at the airport (in Florida) around 10 a.m. for my flight. As I waited to check my bag for my flight, I noticed that it had been cancelled. Luckily, I was able to get onto a flight that departed just two hours later to the same destination of Newark. Ryan Lochte and Conor Dwyer did not share in my luck. They arrived at the airport about five minutes later, and were supposed to be on the same cancelled flight. However, they could not reschedule their flight until a day later. As they tried to find a flight, Ryan Lochte talked to me about his attire. He showed me his diamond watch (very expensive), bracelet and necklace. I asked him for Lil' Wayne's number, but he rejected my request. I traveled through security and had an uneventful flight to Newark.
    I met up with the team in Newark, and we boarded the plane. We were able to watch movies on a screen in front of our seat for free throughout the flight. If not for this amenity, it would have been miserable!
    Nine hours later of sleeping and talking, we landed here in Instanbul. We ate and went up to our rooms. Some people got their own rooms, but not the young guns. My roommate is Kevin Cordes, American record holder and a sophomore at Arizona. I fell asleep right when we got into the room and he had to wake me for our trip to the pool.
    The pool's final touches are being finished, but it is a huge facility which will be conducive to an exciting environment. I'm excited to see what the next week and a half will bring. Go USA!
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Michael Phelps Might Attend Short Course Worlds... As a Spectator.
Published by Swimming World on December 7, 2012
ISTANBUL, December 7. WHEN Michael Phelps checks his mailbox today, in it he may find a personal invitation to attend the FINA Short Course World Championships. Turkish Weekly reported today that the Turkey Swimming Federation sent an official letter inviting the now-retired swimming great to attend the event. World Championships will run from December 12-16, at the Sinan Erdem Sports Hall in Istanbul, Turkey. Ahmet Mazhar Bozdogan, Chairman of the Turkish Swimming Federation, expects Phelps to respond to the invitation in a few days' time. Bozdogan also noted that 1,100 swimmers from 162 countries will compete at the Championships, a record attendance for the meet. The nature of the invitation implies that Phelps would attend the event as a spectator, not a competitor.