Seventh Place Finish at Winter Age Group Championships!
FAST earned a 7th place finish at the Winter Age Group Championships last weekend. All 65 of our swimmers raced well and turned in many lifetime bests. Complete results can be viewed here.
Forty-four swimmers turned in lifetime bests in one or more events!
Breanna Adams, Mariah Ames, Kelly Babigian, Emily Bautista, Ashley Beck, Kyle Cabotaje, Ryan Cavanagh, Nathan Chang, Katie Cho, Hana Claesson, Ryan Chung, Ethan Dickinson, Makena Ditsworth, Garrett Dowell, Matthew Efseaff, Tyryn Empremsilapa, Roseryn Empremsilapa, Angela Gaitatjis, Madeline Harkey, Annie Johnson, Isabella Kearns, Nichole Kuntz, Simon Lamar, Harrison Lee, Terence Ma, Evelyn McIlveen, Allie Miller, Manon Miura, Natalyah Moala, Jordyn Morris, Jaden Nasu, Lily Olson, Diego Pabalan, Suhail Samidon, Mandy Schatz, Gavin Smith, Kevin Smithmatungol, Natalie Tedjasukmana, Michael Toyos, Chase Verstuyft, Justin Wang, Joseph Weissig, Kaitlyn Yee, Kenneth Yeh
Twenty-one swimmers achieved one or more new Junior Olympic qualifying times!
Kayleen Bretz (500 Freestyle), Andres Frausto (200 Freestyle and 200 IM), Madeline Garcia (1,000 Freestyle and 1,650 Freestyle), Doug Johnson (500 Freestyle), Leah Johnson (200 Freestyle, 500 Freestyle), Ethan Keung (100 IM), Simon Lamar (1,000 Freestyle), Justin Lee (100 Backstroke), Jadyn Lingasin (100 Freestyle, 200 Freestyle, and 200 IM), Luke Martin (100 Breaststroke), Lillianne Mazzi (200 Freestyle), Jaden Ochs (100 Backstroke), Mick Olson (1,650 Freestyle), Ethan Paguyo (50 Breaststroke), Cathryn Salladin (200 Breaststroke), Nicole Salladin (200 Freestyle), Gavin Smith (50 Butterfly), Rachel Soong (100 Backstroke), Joshua Spessert (100 Backstroke), Courtney Tseng (100 Butterfly), Carley Vaccher (200 Backstroke)
Three athletes swimmers acieved new Sectional qualifying times!
Kayleen Bretz -- 1,650 Freestyle, 17:42.85
Elise Garcia -- 50 Freestyle, 24.81
Jerad Kaskawal -- 1,650 Freestyle, 16:47.48
Ten FAST relays improved their seed times and two achieved new Junior Olympic qualifying times!
5-10 Girls 200 Freestyle Relay, 1:57.99: Lily Olson, Evelyn McIlveen, Tyryn Empremsilapa, Makena Ditsworth
5-10 Girls 200 Medley Relay, 2:13.91: Evelyn McIlveen, Tyryn Empremsilapa, Makena Ditsworth, Lily Olson
5-10 Boys 200 Freestye Relay, 2:05.24: Luke Martin, Ethan Keung, Kenneth Yeh, Harrison Lee
11-12 Girls 200 Freestyle Relay, 1:53.34: Natalyah Moala, Annie Johnson, Paulina Uytiepo, Elisa Garcia -- New JO Time
11-12 Boys 200 Freestyle Relay, 1:58.53: Ryan Cavanagh, Ryan Chung, Terence Ma, Ethan Dickinson
11-12 Girls 200 Medley Relay, 2:10.65: Annie Johnson, Rachel Soong, Natalyah Moala, Elise Garcia
11-12 Girls 200 Medley Relay, 2:17.30: Hannah Frey, Alexia Bauer, Paulina Uytiepo, Maddie Gorrie
11-12 Boys 200 Medley Relay, 2:08.53: Ethan Dickinson, Ryan Cavanagh, Manon Miura, Michael Toyos
11-12 Girls 400 Medley Relay, 4:55.56: Meggie Keung, Leah Johnson, Maddie Gorrie, Paulina Uytiepo
13-14 Boys 800 Freestyle Relay, 8:12.35: Mick Olson, Nathan Chang, Kevin Smithmatungol, Simon Lamar -- New JO Time
Keep up the great work, FAST!