November Swimmers of the Month!


Mini Squad Swimmers of the Month:

Alexis-Jane Seddon and Devin Carly: Coach Linnea has chosen Alexis-Jane this month due to her always being on time, always being ready to work hard no matter what, and always having her swim cap on. She is a fantastic listener - even when we have a group full of boys with a ton of energy, she doesn't let them affect her. Devin has been chosen because he is always ready to work hard and always has a smile on his face! He is a great listener and is not afraid to ask questions!


Super Juniors and Intermediates Group Report (Coach Jane):

November has flown by with a spectacular month in the pool for the super juniors and intermediates swimmers. Highlights this month include a swim meet in Vernon and a swim meet in Kelowna.

Both swim meets had spectacular performances with several new sub-4 swimmers . . . Congratulations to Joy Wang, Lindsay Spear and Dilmeet Gill for their new sub4 swims!

Also congratulations to the new A and AA swimmers, Emmie Caruson, Riley Thompson and McKenna Clarke.

I look forward to seeing some of them perform in Kamloops as well as at AAs.


Super Junior and Intermediate Swimmer of the Month:

Honors this month go to Elijah Kleiver and Dilmeet Gill. Both have been on fire in the pool this month. These are two athletes that race with all their heart. If you are learning how to race, watch them! Congratulations to Elijah for setting a new club record and to Dilmeet for going  sub-4 for her 200 IM in Vernon.

Work on the little things, pay attention to habits, and keep swimming . . . you're doing awesome!


Age Group Report and Swimmer of the Month (Coach Paul):

I am very pleased to announce Kristen Vandeweghe has won the honours of November Swimmer of the Month. Kristen has been regularly attending practices where her determined efforts to improve resulted in 100% Best Times at the recent Kelowna swim meet. Not only did her times improve, but this typically occurred with large time reductions. Kristen has now achieved 7 A Time Standards this year and is closing in on the AA Standards. What is also impressive is how she started off as a strong breaststroker, but has improved her other strokes immensely. Kristen is more of a laid back person who doesn't mind others leading, but recently she has become more active in taking charge of her lane. She has always come to practice ready to perform, which has made it easy coaching her. We look forward to more continued success from Kristen, as she is a very athletic person who continually pushes herself. Well done young lady!

Group Report:Seriously, it's December already??? It's baffling how the days fly by, but I'm happy to report the swimmers are also 'flying' by at exceptionally fast rates (sorry folks, that's the best I could do!). We have upped the training volume and intensity at practice, and it seems to have paid off, particularly at the Kelowna meet. I must first however mention the success of the small contingent of our swimmers at both the Vernon and High School Provincials meets. Riley Kascak lead the charge at the High School Champs when he busted out a AA Time Standard in the 100 Breast, totally skipping over the A Time Standard! It was a remarkable performance from an individual who is quickly working his way up the speed ladder. Similarly, Riley Wall raced his guts out to a very fast 1:09 100 free to earn an A Time. This now makes him the fastest in our group in that race. Congratulations to both Rileys for their great efforts. Chae-Lynn Williams took 5 seconds off her 100 fly at the meet as well. Way to go Chae-Lynn!!

The Vernon swim was the first of the season to have both heats and finals on the Saturday. Friday evening consisted of the 800 free and 50 back and breast. Acacia Benn finished a strong 2nd in the 800 race followed by top 5 finishes in the 50s. Myah Nackoney made finals in the 100 fly and knocked 6 seconds off her preliminary time to finish 4th. Anna Spence earned 3rd place in the 50 back race, and was also in the top 15 in several of her races. Similarly Mackenzie Wallich and Belize Souch-Tremblay also finished top 15 in many of their races. Our girls relay team went on to finish an exciting 3rd in the free relay, and 4th in the medlay. These results for our girls are particularly impressive when one considers how deep the 11-12 year old girls field is. It is by far the largest of all the age groups. On the boys side, Ian Peters and Wynn Nordlund were close to 100% Best Times and had many great improvements.

The Kelowna swim meet was attended by the majority of our swim group. It was an exceptionally fast meet with some incredible swims. This was also a very challenging meet due to the distance style racing it promoted. Reece Haberstock lead the boys charge with a 1st place finish in the 1500 free! Reece finished top 6 in many of his other races. Xelian Louw had two 3rd place finishes in the 200 and 400IM races. Daniel Everton and Keaton Woods each earned 3rd place in the 200 back and breast respectively. Daniel, Keaton and Xelian also had several other top 6 finishes with many Best Times. James Naude and Ian Peters continue to improve and were both almost 100% Best Times swimmers.

On the girls side, Acacia B. showed her strong form at such a young age by earning 1st place in the 200 back, followed by numerous 2nd place finishes. Way to go Acacia! Belize S-T swam a blistering 200 breaststroke to earn 3rd place. Mackenzie W. wound up a close 6th place in the same race. Myah N. had several top 10 finishes in her races. Of course, as mentioned above Kristen V. went 100% Best Times to demonstrate her great improvements. All in all it was a very exciting meet to coach at due to so many fast swims. Congratulations team!

I must also mention two exciting happenings at the KISU Time Trial held Dec. 1. Daniel Everton became the first person in our group to qualify for the Provincial AAA Championships by earning an AAA time in the 200 Back. Congratulations Daniel. We are so happy you came back to KISU this year! Ian Peters then went on to earn his first ever A time by going under 34 seconds in the 50 free. Ian has definitely caught the training bug and is very focused in practice these days. Nice going fella!

My final word will be how impressive this group has swam this year. They've come a long way since Sept 2011 when I first started to coach them. We now have 17 swimmers qualified from our group alone for the upcoming Kamloops swim meet. This is by far the largest contingent ever qualified. Swimmers are working even harder to qualify for either the AA or AAA Provincial Championships, and welook forward to some fast swims in Kamloops. Best of success to everyone!