Swimmin' In The Rain at Junior Olympics

     The Morgan Hill Macos hosted maybe the worst weather meet of the year at the 14 & Under Pacific Simming's Junior Olympics. Despite the cold, the rain, and the mud, EBAT swimmers found ways to swim at or under their best times! Congratulations to Jessica Mi, Sebastian Balica, Monica Gong, and Andrew Dysico for qualifying and attending the meet! Jessica Mi had excellent swims knocking more than 2 seconds off of her 200 free. She is now moving up to the Pre-Senior group over the holidays as she has shown to be ready for the next level of competitive swimming and training! Way to go, Jessica!  Sebastian, Andrew, and Monica had good swims considering the weather and definately earned some mental toughness points for batteling some of the harsher elements of mother nature at an outdoor swim meet on the first weekend of December. Great job EBAT!!!