Weather Conditions (Updated 2:45pm)


With the weather changing every minute it seems and given the current conditions, we have decided to cancel all practices this evening.  We just don't want to chance it at this point.  National and Prep will finish their workouts.  See everyone tomorrow!!!



The Snow is coming down now but we are going to go ahead and have afternoon workouts at this time. If something changes we will post it here first. Please Drive Carefully. 


10:30 update
We are going to go ahead and run the rest of the morning practices. At this time the roads around Silverlake are wet and Slushy. We understand this storm is causing crazy weather around the area. 5 minutes North of Perfect North Ski Slopes has gotten about 4inches of snow. We encourage everybody to make plans to arrive early and pick-up early just in case the roads change. We will update again around 1:00 for the afternoon practices. Thanks to all who made it in this morning. 

As of 8:30am weather here at Silverlake was slightly changing. We are seeing  freezing rain vs. rain. Talking to a few people the road conditions seem to be the same with isolated patches of slick spots.(Bridges and overpasses). Please use caution when driving and make your best descision. Our next update should be around 10:30am unless things changes faster. 



As of 6:10am the roads were extremely wet but not slippery. The worst area currently is Silverlake's parking lot. Be careful in the parking lot. If you are attending practice please give yourself ample travel time. We will continue to update as the weather changes. 


As many have heard the weather may be a little tricky tomorrow morning/day. We are asking that everybody please pay attention tomorrow morning to the news and check the website before leaving the house. Our goal will be to make practice changes as soon as possible but until tomorrow we will not make any decisions. 

Please keep in mind practices are important this time of year but safety is our number #1 priority. Everybody is different when it comes to snowy weather. Some love to drive it and will and others not so. 

Our staff appreciates your understanding on this matter. We also want to Wish everybody a Merry Christmas.