Manta Ray Partners
Alternative Practice Schedule All Groups

Here is the updated Alternative Practice Schedule for All Groups.

Manta Rays Alternative Practice Schedule:  Competion Pool Closed    
Group FRI 12/28 Location SAT 12/29 Location SUN 12/30 Location MON 12/31 Location
National 6:45-8:45a NKY 2:30-5:00p UC 7-9a NKY 12-2:45p UC
  12:45-2:45p UC     1:30-4:00p UC    
Platinum 12-2:45p UC 2:30-5:00p UC 1:30-4:00p UC 12-2:45p UC
Gold 12-2:00p UC 12:30-2:15 UC 1:30-4:00p UC 12-2:00p UC
Silver     1:15-3:00p CY 1:30-3:30p Lakota Y 6a-8a Lakota Y
Bronze 4:45-6p Lakota Y     12:15-1:45p Lakota Y 6:30-8a  Lakota Y
Teal 5:45-7p Lakota Y     9:45-11a Leisure Pool    
Blue     12:30-1:45p CY 8:45-10a Leisure Pool    
Green 1 5:45-6:45p Leisure Pool 8:45-10a Leisure Pool        
Green 2 6:30-7:30p Leisure Pool 9:45-11a Leisure Pool        
White 5-6p Leisure Pool 10:45-11:45a Leisure Pool        
Pups 4:20-5:15p Leisure Pool 11:30-12:30a Leisure Pool        
NKY= Northern Kentucky Clippers, 301 Kenton Lands Road, Erlanger        
Lakota Y= Lakota YMCA, 6703 Yankee Road, Liberty Township, OH 45044 (sign in at front desk)      
UC= University of Cincinnati  (71 South, to taft, right on Jefferson, Left on MLK,       
  2nd light Left on woodside drive, Parking garage         
IMPORTANT: Bring Parking voucher to front desk to get $2.00 voucher to park for practice.    
CY= Countryside YMCA, 1699 Deerfield Road, Lebanon, OH 45036        
Leisure Pool:  Mason Community Center            
New Year's Day Practice schedule to be held at Mason will be announed at a later date.