David Gordon's Devotion

Prior to the start of Boys Area Championship Meet, DCST swimmer and coach, David Gordon, gave the opening devotion.  The following is a copy of his devotion:


Boys Area Meet Devotion
David Gordon
          It is said that we are products of our environment—whether this is good, or bad, may be debatable. However, when one is the product of an environment such as the YMCA, it is certain you will be a success. At the YMCA we have 4 core values instilled in us—Caring, Honesty, Respect, and Responsibility. These YMCA core values create an environment that builds strong kids, strong families, and strong communities. Many of these strong kids and strong families are a part of the YMCA’s swim teams. The swim team family truly embodies the 4 core values and goes even further, for all those involved in swimming know the dedication and perseverance that is needed for success in our sport. The YMCA surrounds us with tremendous role models such as lifeguards, swim lesson instructors, and, of course, swim team coaches. I believe I speak for every swimmer on my team, DCST, when I say that we have been truly blessed to have the coaching staff we do. Thanks to the YMCA, these role models have been placed in a countless number of people’s environments.
Life presents us with both opportunities and challenges, and learning to seize the opportunities and overcome the challenges is part of growing up. True character is shown when dealing with these challenges, and we are thankful for the opportunities we are given. With this said, I ask for all to bow their heads in prayer:
Dear Lord,
Thank you for bringing us together today and for allowing us to compete at this level. We ask for strength and for your guidance as we face both the opportunities and the challenges in our lives. 
May you bless not only us swimmers, but our friends and family as well, including those who are here today in spirit only, as we keep them in our prayers.