Happy 2013 - Team Dues & Swim Meet Fees

Happy 2013 PVAC Families!!!

We're back to practice today (Wed., Jan. 2) at 5:30pm - Green, Silver, Gold, Adult & Senior Groups tonight.

The upcoming swim meet fees for the January 12 & 13 meet at Jesse Owens Swim Stadium are as follows (checks payable to:  PVAC):

$14.00 - Josie Bohannon, Melia Ewing, Finn Stalker, Graham Stalker

$17.25 - Sarine Bacich, Maddy Bohannon, Olivia Bradley, Aidan Fitzpatrick, Mia Fitzpatrick, Kieran Kearns, Angelina Norris, Sam Troyer and Taj Whitehead

$20.50 - Mia Johnson, Halee Kemper, Sara Ross, Bliss Vetterlein, Mackie Whitehead

$23.75 - Taylor Hernandez

Team dues - either monthly or the second tri-play (Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr) are as follows:

Green Group:  $125.00 monthly or $400.00 tri-pay plan

Silver Group:  $145.00 monthly or $470.00 tri-pay plan (please note:  no Saturday workouts during this tri-pay period for the Silver Group)

Gold Group:  $155.00 monthly or $490.00 tri-pay plan (includes Saturday workouts)

Senior Group:  $165.00 monthly or $490.00 tri-pay plan (includes Saturday workouts)  HIGH SCHOOL SWIM TEAM MEMBERS ONLY pay 1/2 of Tri-Pay Plan 2 ($245.00) during high school swim season.  This gives them the opportunity to practice with PVAC as a supplement to their high school practices.

Adult Group:  $100.00 monthly

PVAC swims into 2013 - See you on deck!