Jan. 26...12-under tri-meet cancelled


I hate to inform all of you of this but the scheduled 12&Under Tri Meet between the Neptunes, Marin Pirates, and North Bay Aquatics on January 26th has been canceled. There were multiple factors that attributed to the the cancellation, but the main factor is lack of trained officials.

As you know, a meet cannot be ran, let alone sanctioned, unless there are officials present, whom uphold and maintain the integrity and safety of the sport. As a team, the Neptunes strive to be an integral part of the swimming community, not just producing outstanding athletes, but supplying adequate officials to every meet we attend and in the grand scheme of things, we do a pretty good job; though there is an upcoming problem.

Most of our officials on this team are parents of older atheltes and will not be working meets in the coming years, which leaves us with a vacancy that we must fulfill. Being an official does not just stop at becoming a stroke and turn judge. There are many levels that can be completed and get you, as a parent, more involved in the swimming community, let alone take care of your volunteer hours.

Currently there are very few people who are qualified to be a Meet Referee or Head Starter and they are stretched thin, which was a primary problem for the 12 & Under Tri Meet. They are almost working a swim meet every weekend and they will not be on this team for much longer. We feel that to continue this great program we need new parents to be educated and trained to become officials at every level.

Take part in your child's activities, learn about the swimming community, and have a voice in it's future: become an official. There are many chances throughout the year to be trained. For more information about becoming an official check out Pacific Swimming's website: or ask one of our parent officials on the team.

Thank you and again we apologize for the cancellation of the 12& Under Tri meet on Jan. 26th.

See you on deck