Jax Park Classic Meet Info and Warm up Times

Parents and Swimmers,


This weekend is the Jax Park Classic meet at our Cecil Field location January 18-20. The warm up times are as follows:

Friday: Everyone

Warm Up- 3:00

Meet Start- 4:30


13 and Over   Warm Up-6:50 Meet Start 8:30

12 and Under Warm Up- 1:30 Meet Start 2;30


13 and Over Warm Up- 7:20 Meet Start- 8:30

12 and Under Warm Up- 2:00 Meet Start- 2:30


Please find the time line and phych sheet under the hosted meet tab on the website. Due to the size of this meet it is crutial that we all arrive on time for warm up, if you are late to warm up there will not be space for you to get in so please allow time to get to the Cecil location and find parking. We realize that this is a first meet for many parents and swimmers and we will make a Amberjax employee avaliable to you at the meet for questions and guidence. There will be a short meeting on how a meet works at the begininng of the sessions for those parents who would like to attend. All sessions are under the 4 hour time limit.  Please remember to sign up and make your donations if you have not already done so.


Thanks so much! Can not wait to see some fast swimming this weekend, GO AMBERJAX!

Coach Stephanie

[email protected]