Greenwood Swimmers Shine on 2nd night!

Wow what a great 2nd night and day for Greenwood Swimmers.The morning started out with our younger 10 & under swimmers putting up some personal best times. It was great to see these young swimmers getting out of the New England area and competing against some of the best swimmers in the south. The future looks bright after seeing these swimmers up to the challenge and competing with no fear. The morning session was contested in short course yards and the final session in Long Course meters. I was proud of the way we competed tonight in meters and listed below are the top 10 ranking of times from the final session. We had a total of 15 swimmers make it back into finals.

100 IM

Kyra Sarazen 1st

James Allen  2nd

Brandon Jinn  3rd

Kasja Dymek  9th

200 Fly

Emily Parillo  1st

James Allen  4th

50 BK

Kyra Sarazan  1st

Carly Dickson  5th

200 BR

Alex Tulacz 3rd

Ana Castellanos  4th

Emily Parillo  5th

Bri Sullivan  6th

50 FR

Kyra Sarazan  1st

Kasja Dymek  4th

Carly Dickson  8th

Killian Dickson  10th

Brandon Jinn  10th


Other swimmers that competed and swam well this evening in finals were: Rachel Whitaker, Sarah Ubele, Audrey Corcoran, Sammy Du, and John Harrington.