Swim Team Coaching Update


I am delighted to advise you that Head Coach, Jeff Grace, will be returning to the Hollyburn Hurricanes Swim Team the first week of March after being on a medical leave of absence since February 2012.  Jeff's return to work will be a gradual transition in order for him to be successful long term at the Club.   Jeff will be returning to work as an addition to the existing coaching staff, in order to maintain consistency for our athletes and not to cause disruption in the current year’s schedule.  Each of the current groups will continue to be led by their existing coaches.    We  have a strong coach staff.    I want to thank all of them for their extra contributions during Jeff's absence.   

Given the tremendous growth in the size of the team we are now looking forward to next year and are planning to retain all of the coaching depth that we currently have, even with Jeff back on a full time basis.   
My thanks for your patience through the past year.   I am really pleased to have Jeff returning to work, and have the benefit of his leadership, passion and energy for swimming at Hollyburn.    The team is in great shape and we are poised to enjoy even greater success over the next several years.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me directly.

Joanna Weiler | Director of Athletics
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