Calling all members to register!


Dear Dynamo Masters,

I hope the New Year is off to a great start, and you are well on your way to your training and personal goals.  It was great to see the Masters timing at the Eastern Classic.   The help is much appreciated, as is the masters overall presence here at Dynamo.                                                                               

5 years ago we changed the way the Club Team is billed, moving to an online presence that also handled the billing.   Gone were the bills mailed to your home, and each member (family) has an online account and can view charges and invoices online at any time, as well as their history.   

We are starting that same process with the Masters, and need your help in order to make it happen smoothly.   Our goal is to have February be the last month of our traditional billing cycle, and have everyone set up with the new online system for the March billing.   

Some things to know:

  • The website address will stay the same:
  • Once at the website, we ask that you click on the ‘Start Registration’ button that will be on the top of the lefthand most column, and begin that process.
  • There is no charge for the registration, we just need all current members to register and input their information.
  • During the process, your username will be your email address, and a password will be generated for you.   Upon completion of registration and approval (will take 1 day or so) you will receive a confirmation email with future login instructions. 
  • Please make sure to add your emergency and medical information in what will be your account going forward.
  • Your Billing and Sub-billing groups will remain the same going forward, with the few exceptions.
  • Subsequent to the March billing launch, all members will be required to use an online payment method.   Billing will happen on the first day of the month, whether you are billed year, quarterly or monthly.  Yearly billing happens in your anniversary month, and quarterly will happen in Jan, April, July and October.  
  • We will ask members to then be responsible for their status with the Team, by emailing ( when suspending or activating membership with the Team.  All billing inquiries should go to that email address.  Payments will continue until you notify the billing office. 
  • There is an adjustment to the Masters Fees beginning in March of 2013.   It has been at least 7 years since they have been adjusted.  We feel confident that our program has progressed with Maria Thrash’s leadershipp, and the influence and presence of Multisport and those offerings that this increase is warranted.  Fees going forward:


Facility Group                   Price
Alpharetta Daily $12.00
  Monthly $70.00
  Quarterly $210.00
  Yearly $795.00
  Daily-+55 $11.00
  Monthly-+55 $70.00
  Quarterly-+55 $200.00
  Yearly-+55 $755.00
Chamblee Daily $12.00
  Monthly $80.00
  Quarterly $225.00
  Yearly $850.00
  Monthly-College $50.00
  Daily-+55 $11.00
  Monthly-+55 $75.00
  Quarterly-+55 $215.00
  Yearly-+55 $810.00



*Yearly memberships are billed on anniversary dates, and include a membership to The Forum Athletic Club
**Fees as of March 1 2013


Maria Thrash and Jason Turcotte