RAYS 10 & Under Valentines (RESULTS & Recap)

This Valentine's Day meet was the first of its kind for our Rookies, and it was a HUGE success! With hundreds ofýswimmers from various local teams in the 10 and under age groupýparticipating, our Stingrays had the opportunity to compete against many new competitors allowing for some GREAT racing! Not only did our Rookies represent our team well in the results standings (which can be found at the below link), but they alsoýearned many personal best times showing evidence of their hard work in practices!

This meet was a great addition to our meet schedule for the Rookies in the 10 and under age group. With the Valentine's Day theme still a very evident presence at this meet, our swimmers got the best of bothýworlds: The Rookie Meet format with a fun spinýAND a multi-team competition.ýThe mystery lolli - pop awards that were handed out for each heat by older Stingrays swimmer volunteers were aýBIG hit as well.ýSwimmers from all teams could be selected for the holiday lolli-pop prizeýbased on the last digit of their heat 's fastestýtime. That number represented the lane number whose swimmer won the prize for that heat! There were many happy swimmers because of this fun addition to the meet as well as the happy swimmer volunteers who hand delivered each one!

Thank you all for your support of this meet, and we can look forward to more similar meets in the future!