Weekly Mailer


Dear VJO Swimmers and Parents,
Team Ice Skating & Ice Cream Re-Cap
This was our largest VJO Ice Skating turn-out in years!   Thank you to everyone that attended out team Ice Skating and Ice Cream in Vacaville last Saturday Jan 26th.  We had over 60 VJO swimmers and parents skating and over 40 VJO swimmers and parents at Fenton’s Creamery for ice cream and lunch afterwards.  This was the largest VJO crowd we have had attend Ice Skating in years.  We thank everyone for their participation in VJO and hope everyone had a great time ice skating.
Upcoming Events:
Shark Pride Day  - Thurs Jan 31st 5-6:30pm
This Thursday Jan 31stis Shark Pride Day!  All groups will be swimming together from 5-6:30pm.  Please be aware we have shortened the Shark Pride Day practice time for the winter. Show off your Shark spirit!  The last Thursday of every month is Shark Pride Day. On this day, all VJO swimmers are encouraged to wear their team shirts to school and around town.  We want to encourage team unity by having the entire swim team practice together from 5-6:30pm.  The team will warm-up together, work on skills together, and play games/ relays together.  This will be a team building day with a great opportunity to get to know swimmers in other groups. 
VJO C/B/A Meet (Feb 22-24)
Sign-up today!!!  We only have 37 VJO swimmers signed up for our own home meet on Feb 22-24!  The meet is open online for entries.  Our VJO C/B/A Meet will be held on Feb 22-24 at the Cunningham Pool.  All VJO swimmers are encouraged to attend this meet.  Enter Online at: Deadline for entries: 11:59 p.m. Thursday, February 14, 2013.  See “Upcoming Meet” section below for more details.
Get signed up today for the volunteer position and time best for you!   Parent Volunteer Sign-up sheets for the meet are posted on clip boards in the shark tank.  Remember we need each and every family’s help to put on a big meet like this.  Every VJO family is responsible for volunteering at home meets.  This is the only way we keep mandatory volunteer hours with penalty fees from happening.
We need volunteers for the following positions:
·         Meet Set-up
·         Meet Take-down
·         Snack Bar
·         Hospitality (we need more this time!)
·         Head Timer
·         Colorado
·         Computer
·         Runner
·         Meet Marshalls
·         Officials (Stroke & Turn & Starter)
Hot Chocolate Night
Thank you parents for your food donations last week for Hot Chocolate Night!  Last week’s donations were a big help, but we need more snacks!   Every Thursday night our parents organize a Hot Chocolate Night with snacks for our swimmers.  Our swimmers love this practice night and look forward to it all week. Unfortunately we are still very low on supplies.  The snack foods were very sparse two week ago and almost non-existent. Parents we are still in need of snacks for Hot Chocolate Night.
We need:
·         Hot Chocolate packets
·         Hot Cider packets
·         Mini marshmallows (any flavor)
·         Chips
·         Goldfish
·         Oreos
·         Cookies
·         Pop tarts
·         Cup of Noodles
·         Your favorite snack food
What to do if you take a break from swimming?
If your son or daughter plans to take a break from swimming with VJO please make sure you notify the team via email or written notice two weeks in advance.  Please email our Membership Chair, Diane Powell ([email protected]) and Treasurer, Dora Tang ([email protected]) the dates you son or daughter will not be swimming.  This can also be done clicking the contact us on our team website,  where your email will notify the same individuals. You will also need to pay a $10 inactive fee during the months your child is not swimming.  Paying the inactive fee will enable you to join back at any time without having to pay the family member fee again.  Thank you!
Upcoming Meets:
VJO C/BA Meet  - Feb 22-24 (Cunningham Pool)
Meet is open online for entries… get signed up today!!!   We only have 37 VJO swimmers signed up for our own home meet on Feb 22-24!  The VJO C/B/A Meet will be held on February 22-24 at the Cunningham Pool.  This meet is recommended for all VJO swimmers.  Enter Online at: Deadline for entries: 11:59 p.m. Thursday, February 14, 2013.  All VJO parents are expected to volunteer to make this meet happen.  Parent volunteer sign-up sheets are posted on clip boards in the shark tank.  Get signed up today! There will be no swim practice on Friday 2/22 or Monday 2/25 due to the meet.
Save the Date:
·         Jan 31        - Shark Pride Day (All Groups 5:00-6:30pm)
·         Feb 16       - Spaghetti Feed & Talent Show
·         Feb 18       -  No Practice  (Happy Presidents Day!)
·          Feb 22-24  -  VJO C/B/A Meet (Cunningham Pool)
·         Feb 25       -  No Practice (Day After Home Meet)
·         Feb 28       -  Shark Pride Day (All Groups 5-6:30pm)
·         Mar 3         - Zone All Star Development Meet (Carson City, Nevada)
·          Mar  9-10   - QUIK C/B/A Meet (Rohnert Park, CA)
·          Mar 15-17  - Junior Olympic Championships (San Ramon, CA)
·         Mar 28       -  Shark Pride Day (All Groups 5-6:30pm)
·          April 4-7     -  Far Western Championships (Morgan Hill, CA)
·         April 13       - Team Bowling (Stars Bowling, Vacaville)
·          April 19-21  - VJO C/B/A Meet  (Cunningham Pool)
·         April 22      -  No Practice (Day After Home Meet)
·         April 25      -  Shark Pride Day (All Groups 5-7pm)
·         April 27-28 -  10 & Under Championships (Sunnyvale, CA)
·          May 18-19  - QUIK C/B/A Meet (Rohnert Park, CA)