Dolphins invade Lake Havasu

 The Team took its largest out of town group EVER to the Lake Havasu "ride the wave" swim meet over the weekend, and the results were great!

.With a total of 44 swimmers over the 3 day meet and a group of 25 eleven and over swimmers, the meet started out fast. Our older group of swimmers were very competitive in all their events. Here are some of the highlights:

11-12: Julia finished 2nd overall, Meredyth 3rd overall, Jakeb 6th overall. All 3 swam great over the weekend. We also had best swims from Ella, Jordan and Madelyn.

13-14: Tessa finished 2nd overall, Dakota 3rd and Anderson 4th. Alexa and Brendan also had some new best times over the weekend.

15 and over: Holly finished 1st overall, Madison 3rd, Krista 4th, also, Michael 4th, Antony 5th and Jacob 8th. Katie and Seb also had some new best swims too.


Alice and Scott were really excited to have a nice sized group of 10 and under swimmers at the meet. 19 made the trip, here are some highlights:

6 and under: Sydney and Jamie finished 2nd and 3rd overall and both dropped lots of time over the weekend.

7-8: This group showed the most improvement overall, with Ryan and Jonathon finishing 5th and 6th and Boston finishing 7th. Some great improvements from Audrey, Chase, Ethan, CJ, and Ryan for sure.

9-10: The deepest age group of the competitors, but our kids did great too. Ethan and Carson finished 6th and 7th and Abbey and Hannah finished 7th and 8th. Ethan had a couple great swims, Hannah had some new best times, Abbey did too. Caitlyn and Elise also had some time drops.

Overall the team finished 2nd bringing home a new trophy for the case. But, the best part of the meet was watching the swimmers hang out during the wave pool and slide hour of fun and our team get-togethers. It was great to have such a good group of swimmers and families attend this meet.

Below are the links for all meet results: