Congratulations to Makos Swimming in High SchoolRegionals

Congratulations to our swimmers who are competing in the High School Regional Championships at Oak Marr this weekend!

Boys Prelims- Tonight at 5:30 PM
Andrew Berlin, Noah Carpenter, Matt Eshleman, Luke Jones, Matt Jones, John Macdonald, Miles Oakley, Joey Spaziani, David Stewart, Alex Strait & Taylor Whitesel
Girls Prelims- Friday at 5:30 PM
Rachel Anderson, Hannah Basl, Ally Bedell, Elise Bourdelais, Morgan Bui, Sophie Chase, Logan Coulson Moore, Gillian Crews, Kylie Cuomo, Alex Hunter, Sydney Langer, Lauren McKeel, Logan Ross, Molly Rowland, McKenzie Schuler, Rachel Ward, Stephanie Wilkinson & Brooke Worley
Finals- Saturday at 5:30 PM
TBD- Top 16 swimmers in each event from Thursday/Friday Prelims

*Please note that Coach Heather was not provided with all the names of swimmers who are participating in relays only.  If you are in the meet and your name is not listed above, please let Coach Heather or the admin know so that you can be recognized accordingly.*

Good Luck MAKOS!