This past week 15 swimmers travelled to Orlando, Florida to participate in the 2009 NCSA Junior Nationals. Over 1,600 swimmers joined them in what was one of the fastest Junior meets in history. As a team we broke many team records in the unusual format where prelims were competed Short Course and finals were competed in Long Course. Congratulations to all of the swimmers who participated in a great week of swimming.

The swimmers and coaches would also like to thank Debra Bank, Kenny Williamson, Flint and Martha Coltharp for all of the help in preparing meals for the athletes each night at the hotel. Without these guys we would have been sitting in restaraunts til after 11:00pm each night with early warm-ups and long time lines the next day.

Swimmers Who Competed: Mary Bank, Krissie Brandenburg, Shane Coltharp, Caitlyn Forman, Nick Kunkel, Audrey Lawson, Mallory Meier,  Rachel Roberts, Louis Rodgers, Brooke Schutte, Jackie Sherrard, Melissa Thurman, Michael Walsh, Robbie Walsh, Ellen Williamson .

Highlights Of The Meet: Swims That Qualified For Finals. This Meet brought back Top 32 because of the speed of the top 32

Shane Coltharp - 1000 Free 14th place *New World Championship Trial Cut* * Team Record*

Girls 200 Medley Relay - 17th place *Team Record*
Caitlyn Forman, Brooke Schutte, Ellen Williamson and Krissie Brandenburg

Boys 800 Free Relay – 22nd place *Team Record*
Nick Kunkel, Shane Coltharp, Michael Walsh, Robbie Walsh

Krissie Brandenburg – 9th Prelims 100 Free *Team Record*
15th Finals *Tied Team Record*

Ellen Williamson – 16th Prelims 200 Back  *Team Record*
9th Finals *New World Trial Cut* *Team Record* *Top 100 All Time USA History 15-16 year olds*

Audrey Lawson – 11th Prelims 200 Fly *Team Record* *New US Open Cut*
15th Finals

Nick Kunkel – 25th Prelims 200 Back *Summer Junior Cut*
29th Finals

Shane Coltharp – 32nd Prelims 200 Back  *Summer Junior Cut*
27th Finals - *Summer Junior Cut*

Shane Coltharp – 25th Prelims 200 Fly *Summer Junior Cut*

Girls 400 Free Relay  15th Prelims *Team Record*
Krissie Brandenburg,Ellen Williamson,Jackie Sherrard, Mary Bank
15th Finals *Team Record*

Jackie Sherrard – 17th 50 Fly Prelims
19th Finals
Ellen Williamson - 18th 50 Fly Prelims
22nd Finals

Shane Coltharp – 20th 400 IM Prelims *Summer Junior National Cut*
17th Finals  *Summer Junior National Cut*

Nick Kunkel – 23rd 100 Back Prelims
19th Finals - *Summer Junior National Cut*

Shane Coltharp – 27th 100 Back Prelims
31st Finals

Krissie Brandenburg – 7th 100 Back Prelims *US Open Cut* *Team Record*
7th Finals  *Summer Junior National Cut*

Ellen Williamson – 11th 100 Back Prelims *US Open Cut*
9th Finals  *Team Record* *World Championship Trial* *Top 100 All Time USA History 15-16 year olds*

Ellen Williamson – 14th 100 Fly Prelims
14th Finals

Girls 200 Free Relay – 24th *Team Record*
Krissie Brandenburg, Ellen Williamson, Jackie Sherrard, Mary Bank

Girls 400 Medley A Relay – 17th *Team Record*
Krissie Brandenburg, Brooke Schutte, Ellen Williamson, Mary Bank

Girls 400 Medley B Relay – 36th *Team Record*
Caitlyn Forman, Melissa Thurman, Audrey Lawson, Jackie Sherrard

Krissie Brandenburg – 5th Prelims 50 Back
4th Finals

Caitlyn Forman – 19th Prelims 50 Back
20th Finals

Ellen Williamson – 17th Prelims 200 IM *Team Record*
15th Finals

Krissie Brandenburg – 20th Prelims 50 Free
22nd Finals

Nick Kunkel – 35th Prelims 50 Back
27th Finals