RAYS Swim Great At High School State

Postoll & Yoder Win State Crowns

Becca Postoll (Kennesaw Mtn) & Jimmy Yoder (Lassiter) both won 2 HS 6A tittles at last weeks HS State Championships. Along with their individual swims Becca along with sister Melissa, anchored the 400 Fr relay to win for the 2nd year in a row. Jimmy finished his HS career with a blistering win in the 100 Fly with a new State record (48.1) and he also anchored the 400 Fr relay for the win.

Other top 3 finishes in 6A were Taylor Weiss (Etowah) 100 Fly; Jordan Drake (Lassiter) 100 BR and Lauren O'Malley (Lassiter) 100 BR.

In 1-5A action Lila Claire Best (Riverwood) finished 3rd 500 Fr.

5A Results

6A Results

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