Development Meet #5

Hello Hollyburn Hurricanes!

   Just a quick note to let you know we will be hosting our 5th Development Swim Meet on Sunday, March 3rd, from 3:45pm onward. For those new to our team, this is a small swimming competition between our swimmers and a few other clubs. For those in the Storm and Monsoon groups, you will be swimming a maximum of three 25m (one length of the pool) races. Swimmers in Tornado and Regional groups will have the option to swim longer races at their coaches' discretion.

   This is a great opportunity for your swimmer to test their skills & speed, and to begin to mark their swimming progress. Once you come to your first meet, we enter your times into your "best times" file; that way we know how much you improved from the last time you swam. It's also a great learning experience; there is a marshalling area where the swimmers get sorted into their heats and lanes, they proceed to their lanes, a starter will start the race once the swimmers are ready, the swimmers race & at the end get a gummy worm! Almost just like in the Olympics. We rely on our senior swimmers to volunteer to help with our Development meets and of course encourage parents to come a cheer for your super stars! There is also the oppertunity for parents to help with the timing of the races.

   The swim meets usually last until 6:30 or 7pm, depending on how many swimmers are racing. You may drop your swimmer off with us; our senior swimmers and coaches will try their best to keep everyone organized and having a good time. It can be a good idea to bring a book or a small travel game to keep boredom in check. We do a dry group warm up on deck down by the little pool at and prefer our swimmers to remain in that area so we can find them for their races. Then we do a water warm up before we compete. The order of events and all the meet entries are posted in 3 areas of the pool so you can see when your child will swim. You will have full access to your child during the meet, but we do ask that they be in the lower pool area 10-15 minutes before their estimated race time if you choose to take them from the area. Please have your Hurricanes Swim Team shirt on hand as well to keep your swimmers warm between races.

We hope you will come out and see your swimmer's success!

Thank you for your time - GO HURRICANES GO!

Warm regards, Al : )