Swim Meet Info for this Weekend


2013 Pacific Committee Short Course Championship

Rose Bowl Aquatic Center - 360 N. Arroyo Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91103. Pool at the far southeast end of the Rose Bowl parking area, past tennis courts. There are signs in the area directing you to the Rose Bowl. The Aquatic Center is 1000 yards directly south of the Rose Bowl.


Dygean, Frances               Edelstein, Rachel              Kearns, Kieran                   Lamb, Brooke

Liang, Brian                         Matsumiya, Ariel              Ross, Sara                            Troyer, Samuel



Bradley, Olivia                   Dygean, Frances               Norris, Angelina                                Whitehead, MacKenzie


Warm-up will be available beginning at 7:00 am

The meet competition will start at 8:30 am

We will have no timing chairs.  There is no morning or afternoon session.  Everybody starts at the same time.