Back by Popular Demand...the 2nd issue of the SVY Headline Newspaper!!!

We will be printing the memento newspaper, SVY Headline News that will give the highlights of our awesome 2012-2013 swim season with all of our headlines and top stories. The theme of this year’s banquet is SVY All Out, so in graffiti style slang, we will be publishing Shout Outs!
Order a Shout Outor headline for $5 each!  Order as many as you like!
For $10, you can order a Shout Out and include a picture.Proceeds will cover the expenses of publishing the paper and extra will go directly into our fundraiser account, benefiting our swim program.  This is a unique opportunity to show your support for the team, as well as your pride in your swimmer, appreciation for a coach, parents or teammate.  Just like last year, the newspaper will contain team photos, team rosters, headlines of our teams accomplishments and purchased Shout Outs.
Please complete the order form, email it to, and drop off cash/check payable to “SVYMCA by March 15th in the SVY Banquet folder at Bridgewater or Hillsboro Y.