Dryland Training JR Gold Launch!

SNOW JR Gold Group Begins their new "Dryland Training", Rhys Gully, trainer...

Rhys will talk with the athletes about why crosstraining and core strength are key to sccessful swimming! Here is an excerpt from the session this morning....


Benefits of Dryland training:

-        Ensures that bodies are operating at peak efficiency

-        Avoid chronic injuries: ex. Shoulders, hips and back

-        To help exceed plateaus.

-        Increases swimmers power and endurance

-        Improves balance

-        Improves Strength thus giving the swimmer more confidence.

-        Essential component to make the next level

o   High School

o   College

o   Then OLYMPICS!!!!!!!

-        Improves core strength for holding streamline

-        Improved strength allows swimmer to hold more water with each stroke