FINA posts dates and locations for 2013 World Cup
FINA posts dates and locations for 2013 World Cup

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND--FINA today has posted the meet dates for the 2013 World Cup series. This year's World Cup will again feature 8 short-course [25m] meets; however, for the first time two of the meets
will be in August. The remaining 6 meets will swim in October and November.
The series again features European (3 meets) and Asian (5 meets) legs, as they did in 2012.
The schedule for the 2013 World Cup is:

  -August 7+8 - Eindhoven, Netherlands
  -August 10+11 - Berlin, Germany
  -October 12+13 - Moscow, Russia
  -October 17+18 - Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  -October 20+21 - Doha, Qatar
  -November 5+6 - Singapore
  -November 9+10 - Tokyo, Japan
  -November 13+14 - Beijing, China

Meet dates can be found via the World Cup section of the FINA website, here:

The two August meets are placed just following the Swimming portion of the 2013 World Championships in Barcelona, Spain (competition dates of  July 28-August 4, 2013).