Welcome back from a fantastic weekend of swimming! Ina meet that saw two of Michael Phelps' pool records go down you all went to Dynamo for the Metro Divisional Championships and swam great! (The weekend also included the SR Sectional Meet in Nashville. Watch for the results of that meet, too.) Below is the link to the results.


A couple of things need mentioning about this weekend:


1. OUR PARENTS ROCK!! Everytime a Stingray's name was called during Finals (and, it was often!) our parents erupted in cheers and applause. This is what it is supposed to look like. One of the officials even stopped me and commented on the Stingrays' enthusiasm and support for their kids. Way to go, Rays Parents!! Keep it up!


2. Despite splitting the pools and being separated from some of your teammates, you all still swam fast and supported one another.  Great job, team!


3. Your attendance this weekend was great...over 150 swimmers from Stingrays attended. (There will be over 100 10 and Unders at the WarrnStephens meet this coming weekend. That is how you end a season!)


4. Below are our event winners:

Anna Prestel

Anna Lofton

Sarah Margaret Locke

Sarah Sorensen

Kelli Croft

Dakota Werner

Payton Remick

Allison Nastasi

Aidan Sherlock

Ben Hendrickson

Josh Horne

Andy Yap


Check out all the results below!