Coastal Champs Recap


Coastal Championships February 22-24, 2013


The Buenaventura Swim Club recently hosted the Southern California Swimming “Coastal Championship” at the Ventura Aquatic Center February 22-24, 2013.  There were about 400 participants ranging in age from 5-18 years old.  Buena earned a second place overall finish behind Canyons Aquatics.  This is a unique age group swim meet in that its participants are limited to the local teams within our Local Swim Committee, the “Coastal Committee”.  Because it is a smaller venue, swimmers who normally don’t get the opportunity, had the chance to swim in both prelims and finals.  It’s a great learning experience for our younger kids to swim the same event twice in one day, under true racing conditions.  They can really learn a lot about what they are capable of achieving.


To enter this meet, swimmers needed to have a minimum Blue Time Standard and it is important to note, we had three swimmers from the Silver Group fulfill this time standard, which says a lot of the quality of our young Silver Group!  Congratulations to Jaiden Monroe, Ella Montano, and Matthew Talmage, for their considerable achievement of simply qualifying for this Championship Meet.


It is also worth noting two unwritten rules in swimming.  First, our athletes should always swim faster in finals than they did in prelims.  Part of this will happen naturally due to swimmers bio-rhythms, and the reality that the more complex energy systems have been more effectively activated later in the day.  Plus, the excitement of swimming in finals usually increases levels of adrenaline. This usually results in faster swims, provided the swimmer learns how to “manage or control” this increased energy level.  Second, our athletes should always swim faster in relays.  Again, the increased adrenaline and the fact that teammates are relying on you, puts athletes in a mindset of “I must swim faster”.  If our swimmers learned to tap into these feelings for their individual races, they can set themselves apart from other competitors. 


Although there were many great swims, following are those who were individual champions in at least one race: Ella Montano, Tea Laughlin, Teagan Monroe, Kailee Ruiz, Annika Arroyo, Alicia Harrison, Lindsay Clark, Brigid McNally, Solie Laughlin, Chesna Biolley, Spencer Allen, Jacob Sponseller, Joshua Monroe, and Austin Takeda.  Many of these swimmers are on the verge of graduating from high school and looking at college scholarships, while others represent the future of Buenaventura Swim Club. 


Performances of this meet pushes us one step closer to our Summer Season Team Goals.  This year, it is our goal to send 4 swimmers to Junior Nationals, 12 swimmers to Sectionals, and 30 swimmers to Summer JO’s (4-12-30).  Attainment of this goal would show great progress for our team, but everybody needs to do their part.  Let’s commit to this goal by being supportive of our teammates, improving our attendance, and always being a team player - ready and willing to travel, to participate on relays, and to work hard at practice.  Go Buena!