DCST Claims IL / MO Area Girls Championships

DCST Claims IL / MO Area Girls Championship

       The Kishwaukee YMCA / DeKalb County Swim Team won the 2013 IL / MO Area Girls YMCA Championships with a score of 695 points.  Edwardsville was the second place finisher with 664.5 points.  This is DCST’s third Girls Championship title.  The other two came in 2007 and 2009.

        DCST was lead by its 13 – 14 year old Girls Age Group who finished second overall in the age group scoring.  The 200 yard Medley Relay team of Kylie Olson, Jensen Keck, Sarah Fergus and Serena Allendorfer went under the National Qualifying time while finishing 2nd.  This was also a new DCST Team Record.  Keck then teamed up with Alexa Miller, Bailey Flemming and Mikaila DiCostanzo to earn a 5th place finish in the 200 yard Freestyle Relay.  Six of these girls then went on to place in the top 8 in individual events a total of 12 times.  Kylie (3rd 500 yard Freestyle, 5th 200 yard IM, 7th 100 yard Backstroke) and Alexa (4th 200 yard IM, 7th 200 yard IM, 7th 100 yard Butterfly) each placed in the top 8 in all three of their individual events.  Swimmers with two top 8 place finishes in individual events were Sarah (3rd 100 yard Butterfly and 5th 100 yard Backstroke) and Serena (5th 200 yard Freestyle and 8th 100 yard Freestyle).  Jensen and Mikaila each place in the top 8 in the 100 yard Breaststroke (3rd) and 500 yard Freestyle (7th) respectively.

        The 15 – 21 year old Girls 200 yard Freestyle Relay of Caitlynn Moon, Theresa Alef, Brittnie Dean and Ashley Stark clinched the championship for DCST with their 2nd place finish in day’s last event.  Moon also won both the 200 and 500 yard Freestyle events.  She also added a 3rd place finish in the 200 yard IM to cap her busy day.  Brittnie Dean had a very solid day with a 4th in the 500 yard Freestyle and an 8th in the 100 yard Breaststroke.  Lexi Olson earned her second National Qualifying time in as many days when she qualified in the 100 yard Breaststroke with her 7th place finish.  These girls also qualified for the 800 yard Freestyle Relay using composite 200 yard Freestyle times.  This age group finished 4th overall in the age group scoring.

        Taking 5th in the age group scoring was DCST’s 11 – 12 year old girls.  DCST’s best event on the day was the 11 – 12 year old Girls 50 yard Backstroke where DCST had three of the top 6 finishers.  Athena Ye won the event with a new team record, Abby Pardridge was 5th and Sarah Hein was 6th.  Athena and Abby also scored big in the 200 yard IM with a 3rd and 8th place finish respectively.  Moreover, Athena added a 2nd in the 50 yard Butterfly, Abby added a 3rd in the 50 yard Breaststroke, and Sarah added a 7th in the 200 yard Freestyle.  Celia Carpenter joined Athena, Abby and Sarah to take home a 3rd place medal in the 200 yard Medley Relay.  This relay’s efforts earned them a new DCST Team Record.

        Nicole Skrzypek led DCST’s Girls Ages 8 & Younger to a 9th place finish in their age group with 4 top 8 swims on the day.  In the individual events, she placed 3rd in the 25 yard Freestyle, 4th in the 50 yard Freestyle and 6th in the 25 yard Backstroke.  She was then joined by Emily Mildner, Natalie Rosenow and Maura Fiser for DCST’s most improved relay on the day.  These four combined to finish in 8th place in the 100 yard Medley Relay after going into the meet seeded 19th!

        DCST’s Girls ages 9 – 10 finished 13th in their age group.  DCST had a strong showing in the 200 yard Medley Relay when Elizabeth White, Morgan Williams, Grace Fergus and Joanna Burnham garnered a 7th place finish.  In the time trial events, Ryan Schultz qualified for Nationals in the 200 yard Backstroke.

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