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Great Showing at JO's/ Team culture

 Hello everyone.  It was great to see some of the outstanding performances at JO's.  Here are some highlights:  

Chris Gonzalez:  2 best times, a top 16 placing in 50 fly 

Collin Trump:  1 best time 

Matthew Hayes:  Several best times including a new Far Western time in the 50 back, and 2 finals placings 

Caroline Eckel:  Several best times and 5 finals placings 

Jacqueline Arnold:  1 best time 

Alex Gonzalez:  2 best times and 5 finals placings 

Shelby Diehl:  3 finals placings 

We also had several unrested swimmers do season and lifetime best unshaved times.  Perhaps most encouraging was the fact that the team's behavior under the pop up, and toward each other throughout the meet was much improved.  We had a higher level of team cheering than at previous meets.  

Yesterday in practice we talked with the Pre-Senior and Senior Groups about expectations for the culture of our team.  This includes wearing LAC attire at swim meets, wearing an LAC suit (green/ black/ white/ or any combination thereof), having clean language, encouraging others, and eliminating complaining from our speech.  We will be having a teamwide meeting at LVTC in the Club room on Wednesday April 10th from 6-6:30pm about these topics.  We strive to create a culture of leaders on our team and it is important for us to meet and talk about what kinds of expectations we have for all involved.  It is mandatory for a parent of each swimmer 11 years and older to attend the meeting along with the swimmers 11 years and older.  

This morning I attended a practice at Orinda Aquatics and it was great to see 50 teenagers all showing up on time, taking the pool covers off, getting in the water on time with no complaints, doing the practice self-sufficiently without stopping on the wall, all wearing the Orinda Cap, humbly taking stroke feedback and earnestly working on improvement throughout the practice.  Orinda's mission statement is "Character First" and it is obvious they walk the talk when watching their practice.  Anyone at the Clovis Senior meet could see the energy they brought to the pool and the effect their cheering had on their teammates.

Having accountability for our actions and for how our behavior affects others on the team is the direction we are headed.  Coach Lisa, Coach Leslie, Coach Theresa and I all feel it is important for the swimmers on our team to be people of outstanding character.  We look forward to talking with you all in April about what this will look like at LAC.