Building Endurance without the Boredom


A lot of people think that in order to build a strong aerobic base you have to do lots of mind-numbing sets like 20x100 on an interval that gives you 5 seconds rest.  But if those types of sets comprise the majority of your workouts, it's hard to get any faster on them.  Try this set.  It forces you to focus your efforts in blocks and will improve your threshold.  And it's more interesting!

~1,500 warm-up

3-4 Rounds (holding the same pace throughout all 50s) of:

6x50 swim on (your best 100 pace interval minus 5 seconds and divided by 2, eg (1:25 - :05)/2 = :40sec)

4x25 drill on :45 (pick a drill that targets one or two specific weaknesses)

4x50 swim on 2 sec faster interval

4x25 drill on :45

2x50 swim 2 sec faster interval

4x25 drill on :45

100 easy on 2:00

We're huge proponents of incorporating drills to remind your body what it's supposed to be working on during the swim.  Remember, yardage only gets you so far.