Miss Porter's School Summer Programs

Porter's Summer Programs are for girls entering grades 7 through 9.


Sarah Porter Leadership Institute:

Porter's graduates leaders who have the vision, determination, character and capacity to shape a changing world. Sarah Porter Leadership Institute strives to do the same by offering girls opportunities to learn, practice and hone the necessary skills to be strong female leaders. The program provides a comprehensive experience addressing all areas of leadership, including compassion, courage, confidence and maturity.

In SPLI Level 1, leadership activities focus on problem solving, quick thinking, teamwork and trust. Incredible guest speakers, community service and a visit to a ropes course provide forums for personal reflection and goal setting.

SPLI Level 2 includes an off campus two-night camping and white-water rafting trip with girls participating both as team members and leaders as they complete projects that require the focused work of a team. They continue to develop their leadership skills serving the larger community through service work in the Hartford area.

Porter's Junior Model UN:

Porter's Junior Model UN is an exciting program designed to teach students about civics, current events, effective communication, and global perspectives through engaging and interactive lessons and exercises. The experience involves on-campus sessions and speakers and culminates in a simulation of the United Nations. Participants enjoy making new friends as they enhance their research, public speaking, policy writing, and collaborative skills. Porter's Junior Model U.N. includes an exciting full-day trip to the United Nations Headquarters in New York City, and students leave the program with new passion for and knowledge about our dynamic and global world.

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