Private lessons and coaching

 For the Spring and Summer:

The community center the Dolphins coaching staff will be offering private lessons and coaching.

Private lessons would be for ages 10 and under where an istrucotor/ coach gets in the water with the swimmer and works on strokes.

Private coaching is for ages 10 and over (Silver or higher swimmers)

Private Coaching:

Private Coaching will be for all Swimmers who would like to advance their swimming skills. You will have a 1 hour private session with a coach of your choice (Scott or Helen) in a lap lane to yourself. You will work on trouble areas such as stroke, breathing, timing and turns.


1 hr Private Coaching - $69

2 – 1 hour Private Coaching -$130

4 – 1 hour Private Coaching -$248

6 – 1 hour Private Coaching -$360



Private Swim:

One on One session with an Instructor


½ Private Swim Lesson - $29

3 – ½ hr Private Lessons - $78

5 – ½ hr Private Lessons - $120

10 – ½ hr Private Lessons - $220


Please email me if you are interesed in either option. Coach Helen has already begun private lessons if interested.