Megan Brown wins gold in 400IM

Megan had a great swim in the 400IM to claim the gold medal winning by over 3 seconds. As a team we had a great night and as a coach very proud of the swimmers competing without tapering for the meet. There are some great teams from Maryland,NY,NJ,NE,Indiana and all down the east coast. Results as follows:

Megan Brown: 1st 400IM- 7th-100fly

Emily Parillo- 5th 100 fly lifetime best - 400IM- 8th

Alex Tulacz- 100 Br- 18th

James Allen- 200 Fr-14th 100 Fly-11th

Audrey Corcoran- 100 Br- 28 but an amazing 7 second drop

Peter Delmastro- 200 Fr- 2:00.79 off the relay

Brandon Jinn- 800 Fr- 15th  200 Fr- 31st

Millard Lawson - 100 Fly- 13th 59.77 a 4 second drop

Kylie Mitchel- 1500 Fr - 12th 200 Fr- 34th

Brianna Sullivan- 200 Fr- 2:12.68 Personal best off leadoff of 800 Fr Relay

Sarah Ubele- 100 Fly- 59th

RachaelWhitaker- 200 Fr 59 but a 3.5 second drop