Ready to Rumble

Long Course Season is here, Spring Break is over its time to get re-energized / re-motivated! Lets get to work and have the best AmberJax Long Course Season Ever!!

A Smart Swim Coach Once Said:     Greatness will come when the drive pushes you to do more and work harder than anyone else. Until then, you are in the same boat as everyone else. Why would you expect to be any better than the people around you doing the same thing. ” 

I see people and athletes doing the same thing, every day, with no deviation. Why not be better than the next guy? Why not strive to be the best in whatever you do? If you just do even a little more than the “crowd” everyday of your life, whether in sports or school or life, imagine how far you would be ahead of the masses.  It works, it may take time, but it works. Don’t be an average person. The body and mind are more capable than you can imagine.

Start today and make yourself better!

AmberJax Staff,  Fired Up and ready to go!