Making the Most of Long Sets

When it's time to do those 20 or 30 or 40 100s, try to swim them in a way that makes you better off than you were a year ago.  In other words, if you continue doing the same sets on the same intervals, you should expect to go the same times.  In order to improve your threshold, you have to surprise your body.  Push it past its limits.  Let it recover just a little.  Then rinse and repeat.  Here's a way of doing that with 20x100s.

~1,500 warmup building to a strong pace (about 90% effort)

4 Rounds of:

4x100s on an interval you can barely make for three and will probably miss on number 4

1x100 recovery on an interval that gives you about :40 sec rest

After 20x100:

8x25 drill on 1:00 (pick a drill that targets your two biggest weaknesses)

400 fast for time

8x25 easy/drill on 1:00