Three Team Records and 74% Best Times at ORCA Red/White Meet!

FAST swimmers from Bronze, Silver, and Gold posted 355 lifetime bests last weekend at ORCA's Red/White Meet! Thirty-one swimmers swam best times in all of their races and it was the first competition for Jonathan Kim, Robert Lee, and Joy Lim. Elizabeth Harita set new FAST Team Records in the 8 & Under Girls 100 Backstroke and 8 & Under Girls 500 Freestyle. Alejandro Buendia set a new FAST Team Record in the 8 & Under Boys 500 Freestyle. More highlights are below. Complete results can be viewed here.

Congratulations to Vanessa Buck, Catherine Campbell, Nathan Chang, Jisun Chin, Kailee Chow, Avery Darling, Ethan Dickinson, Carson Dike, Kelly Doherty, Aubree Fuher, Trevor Holtgrew, Jonathan Kim, Max Kowalski, Joseph Lee, Robert Lee, Jacqueline Lim, Janelle Lingasin, Joy Lim, Johanna Lingasin, John Mai, Luke Martin, Evelyn McIlveen, Brianna Nowland, Ethan Paguyo, Nicolas Pantoja, Oleksii Prikhodko, Lizbeth Ramirez, Sammy Rentfro, Cathryn Salladin, Melody Tang, Connell Tannehill, Joseph Weissig, Aaron Yang, and Kenneth Yeh who swam lifetime bests in all of their races!
Many swimmers tackled new events, including the 200s of stroke, the 500 Freestyle, and the 400 IM. Everyone had great swims!
Allison Armanino, Alejandro Buendia, Hannah Frey, Tyler Hong, Andrew Mann, Luke Martin, Miura Manon, Kenzie Murray, Halie Nam, Jaden Ochs, and Kenneth Yeh raced the 500 Freestyle for the first time.
Eighteen athletes swam their first-ever 400 IMs: Alexis Bauer, Peter Bauer, Vanessa Buck, Amber Clark, Hannah Frey, Ethan Kessler, Meggie Keung, Evelyn McIlveen, Miura Manon, Kenzie Murray, Megan O'Malley, Ethan Paguyo, Rebecca Radillo, Lizbeth Ramirez, Marc Rosete, Nicole Salladin, Jared Spuur, and Joseph Weissig.
Fourteen swimmers undertook 200s of stroke for the first time:
200 Breaststroke: Catherine Campbell, Amber Clark, Ethan Dickinson, Hannah Frey, Jacob King, Robert Lee, Halie Nam, Nicolas Pantoja, Nicole Salladin
200 Backstroke: Amber Clark, Hannah Frey, David Konefsky, Cathryn Salladin, Joseph Weissig
200 Butterfly: Gianna Cross, Ethan Dickinson, Evelyn McIlveen, Cathryn Salladin, Joseph Weissig
Keep up the great work as we swim FAST into the summer season!