FINA posts invites and rule proposals for 2013 Congress

.FINA posts invites and rule proposals for 2013 Congress

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND--Yesterday, FINA updated the information posted
related to the 2013 General Congress and the technical congresses that
will be held in July in Barcelona, Spain. These meetings are being held
with the 2013 World Championships. Included in the postings are the
invitations and agendas for the meetings, as well as the delegate
registration forms for the meetings. Deadline to register delegates for
the meetings is July 1, 2013. FINA's postings can be found on their
website here:

In additions to the invitations for the congresses, FINA has also posted
"circulars" for each technical congress, which includes the rule changes
that are proposed for each meeting. The circulars for the technical
congresses for Swimming, Open Water and Masters can be found online here
(note: these are also linked on the page above):


  -Open Water:


Among the 68 proposals for Swimming are:
  -for races 400m, 800m or 1500m in length, changing the circle seed for
prelims from 3 heats to 2 heats;
  -in Backstroke, making it illegal to be submerged at the finish;
  -in Breaststroke, a limit of 15m underwater off the start;
  -in Breaststroke, allowing dolphin kick-outs off the start;
  -in Breaststroke & Butterfly, hands must be separated when they touch
the wall;
  -adding Mixed Relays, including World Records for them [Note: splits
from Mixed Relays couldn't be used for records or entries];
  -adding World Records for short course 200m relays.

Among the 45 proposals for Open Water are:
  -creation of a Feeding Station Judge;
  -setting a maximum water temperature limit (to be based on a study
FINA is to receive the results of in June);
  -finish buoys would become the course boundary;
  -a ban against delivering things at feeding stations by throwing;
  -adjustments to how far an abandoned race has to have gone in order to
not be re-swum