DCST National Results - Day 2

DCST National Results – Day 2

        Two Days of the National Championships complete, and Daniel Hein has been name a National All-American on each day.  On Thursday, he earned this honor with his 11th place finish in the 100 yard Butterfly with a new DCST team record of 49.71 seconds.

        Caitlynn Moon continued her great meet with a 1.5 second time drop in the 200 yard Freestyle and a 24th place finish.  Her time set a new DCST team record by 0.4 seconds.  DCST has set 6 new team records, so far. 

        Other great swims on Thursday included Dylan Powers’ career best time in the 100 yard Butterfly, and Lexi Olson’s 4.5 seconds time drop in her 200 yard Freestyle leading off the Women’s 800 yard Freestyle Relay.  In time trials, Kylie Olson lowered her best time in the 100 yard Freestyle by a very impressive 2.1 seconds, while Ashley Stark had a best time in the 200 yard Freestyle.

DCST National Results – Day 2

Women’s 200 yard Freestyle

        Caitlynn Moon
                Prelims - 1:51.63 (21st) – New DCST Team Record
                Finals – 1:53.22 (24th)

Men’s 100 yard Butterfly

        Daniel Hein
                Prelims – 49.86 (9th)
                Finals – 49.71 (11th) – National All-American, New DCST Team Record

        Jack Fergus – 52.94 (91st)
        Dylan Powers – 53.72 (119th)

Women’s 800 yard Freestyle Relay

        Lexi Olson, Sarah Fergus, Brittnie Dean, Caitlynn Moon – 1:53.55 (32nd)

Men’s 800 yard Freestyle Relay

        Daniel Hein, Jacob Bjork, Dylan Powers, Jack Fergus – 7:11.71 (41st)

Time Trial Results

200 yard Freestyle

        Ashley Stark – 2:07.63
        Jacob Bjork – 1:47.86

100 yard Butterfly

        Sarah Fergus – 1:00.51
        Brittnie Dean – 1:02.22

100 yard Freestyle

        Lexi Olson – 56.86
        Kylie Olson – 56.98
        Ryan Schultz – 53.41

Team Scoring

DCST Women – Tied (Tied 32nd)
DCST Men – Tied (26th)
Combined – Tied (33rd)