DCST National Results - Day 3

DCST National Results – Day 3

        Day 3 of the YMCA National Championships was DCST busiest and best day of the meet, so far.  In the final session, DCST had 3 outstanding swims.  Two of these swims came in the Men’s 200 yard Backstroke.  Daniel Hein dropped 0.5 seconds in prelims to finish 14th.  In finals, he dropped another 0.6 seconds to move up to 13th place.  Both of his swims were new DCST team records, and he has now been named a National All-American swimmer in all three of his individual swims.  He will try to go four for four tomorrow in his last individual event, the 200 yard Butterfly.

        Jack Fegus had DCST’s other phenomenal swim in the 200 yard Backstroke with his 6.1 second time improvement on the day.  He lowered his previous best time by 5.3 seconds in prelims and an additional 0.8 seconds in finals while finishing 18th.

        DCST’s evening session was capped off by Caitlynn Moon’s second National All-American performance of the week.  This time she achieved the honor in the 500 yard Freestyle.  In the preliminary session, she set a new DCST team record by 1.9 seconds with her 4.4 second time improvement.  With an additional 3.2 seconds time improvement in finals, she won the “B Final” heat to finish 9th overall.

        Caitlynn and Jack also had personal best times in the 50 yard Freestyle when they lead-off DCST’s 200 yard Freestyle relays.  In the time trials, Ashley Stark and Dylan Powers lowered their best 50 yard Butterfly times with 3.4 seconds and 0.7 seconds time drops, respectively.

DCST National Results – Day 3

Women’s 200 yard Freestyle Relay

        Caitlynn Moon, Lexi Olson, Brittnie Dean, Ashley Stark – 1:41.16 (60th)

Men’s 200 yard Freestyle Relay

        Jack Fergus, Dylan Powers, Jacob Bjork, Daniel Hein – 1:30.10 (55th)

Women’s 100 yard Breaststroke

        Lexi Olson – 1:08.62 (112th)
        Brittnie Dean – 1:12.27 (172nd)

Men’s 100 yard Breaststroke

        Ryan Schultz – 1:00.61 (83rd)
        Jacob Bjork – 1:01.61 (118th)

Women’s 200 yard Backstroke

        Kylie Olson – 2:09.02
        Sarah Fergus – 2:10.80

Men’s 200 yard Backstroke

        Daniel Hein
                Prelims – 1:51.41 (14th) – New DCST Team Record (13 – 14 Boys Age Group)
                Finals – 1:50.79 (13th) – National All-American, New DCST Team Record (13 – 14 Boys Age Group)
        Jack Fergus
                Prelims – 1:52.49 (21st)
                Finals – 1:51.62 (18th)
        Ryan Schultz – 2:03.71 (114th)

Women 500 yard Freestyle

        Caitlynn Moon
                Prelims – 4:53.52 (10th) – New DCST Team Record
                Finals – 4:50.31 (9th) – National All-American, New DCST Team Record

Women’s 400 yard Medley Relay

        Kylie Olson, Lexi Olson, Sarah Fergus, Caitlynn Moon – 4:02.55 (56th)

Men’s 400 yard Medley Relay

        Jack Fergus, Ryan Schultz, Daniel Hein, Jacob Bjork – 3:31.40 (27th)

Time Trial Results

50 yard Butterfly

        Ashley Stark – 28.34
        Dylan Powers – 24.42

Team Scoring

DCST Women – Tied 28th
DCST Men – 29th
Combined – Tied 31st