Remembering William (Bill) George Cody

Remembering William (Bill) George Cody

The sport of swimming in Puerto Rico has suffered a great loss upon the death of one of its leaders.  Bill, as he is referred to by all his friends, an electrical engineer by profession, started his participation in swimming as a parent.  From the beginning, together with his wife Rose, he became an enthusiastic supporter, eventually serving in different positions in the administration of the sport including the Presidency of Puerto Rico Swimming Federation.  

Bill's dedications and services to the sport extended beyond Puerto Rico as he became a member of the Executive Committee and Treasurer of the Central American and Caribbean Swimming Federation (CCCAN).  In addition he assisted his wife Rose in her responsibilities as Vice President of the FINA Masters Swimming Committee and in her role as the Chair of the UANA Technical Swimming Committee.

Bill and Rose attended the 2009 and the 2010 editions of the UANA Conference representing the CCCAN Federations at an important collaboration of aquatic leaders though tout the Americas.  Bill will be sorely missed by all who follow the sport of swimming. 


In 1998, Puerto Rico Masters Swimmers traveled to Casablanca, Marruecos to participate in the FINA World Masters Swimming Championship.  Mrs. Rose Cody as member of the FINA Masters Technical Committee traveled together with Bill and arrived some days before the championship start.  On arrival they found a Puerto Rican swimmer that arrived without a place to stay until the rest of swimmers will arrive.  Bill Cody did not know this swimmer before that day but without hesitation he and Rose offered the swimmer an opportunity to stay with them until the rest of the swimmers arrived.  Once I and the rest of the swimmers arrived Bill told us "there is this guy staying with us that did not have a room until you arrived.  He is a nice guy and we used him to test the water temperature for the open water, but we are glad all of you arrived because he is driving us crazy". 
Bill was not born in Puerto Rico, but he always defended our island, even better that many others.
José De Jesús, President
Federación Puertorriqueña de Natación


I met Bill on my first visit to Puerto Rico at the 1979 Pan American Games and we immediately became good friends.  Bill cheered for the New England Patriots, the Boston Red Sox, the Boston Bruins and the Boston Celtics. Bill was a New Englander through and through, but he loved all sports.

Most of all Bill loved Rose.  Whenever we saw Rose at a Synchro event we always knew that Bill was close at hand. Bill of course made a great contribution to the life of CCCAN serving as Treasurer and overall money manager; such contributions are invaluable to organizations.

Carlie Jean and I enjoyed a wonderful dinner and evening with Bill and Rose during the UANA Pan American Junior Diving Championships in 2007; it was an evening we shall always remember.

The passing of Bill saddens us all and serves as a reminder to us all that we must cherish all our friendships.  True wealth is not measured with gold but with the friendships we enjoy and share --- Bill Cody was one of those special friends who has enriched our lives.  

UANA President Eldon Godfrey & Carlie Jean Godfrey


I am very saddened to learn of the passing of Bill Cody. He was a true gentlemen, soft-spoken and courteous, and a man who evoked trust and confidence in all who knew him. His dedication to our sport was unsurpassed, and he was always willing to take on the tough tasks that needed to be done without looking for recognition or attention. CCCAN benefited greatly from his wisdom, good judgment, and attention to detail. My condolences to Rose, who shared her wonderful husband with us for so many years of service and commitment. 

Dale Neuburger, FINA Vice Present of the Americas


I have been friends and colleagues with Bill and Rose Cody for 10 years since first being appointed to the FINA Masters Committee. While Rose was the actual Committee member we appreciated Bill’s participation, and willingness to help out in all areas of the Masters Synchro. He would be on deck throughout the competition and take on any task asked of him. On a personal note I will miss his wit and special humor that was always accompanied by a smile. I know of Bill’s commitment to aquatics in the Americas and it goes far beyond the work he did for Masters Synchro. My wife Claudine and Bill had a long standing joke about Claudine breaking Bill’s camera the first time they hugged when meeting. Bill would be ever cautious in a joking manner any time Claudine approached. He was fun to be with and ever helpful when asked. He will be missed by his colleagues and friends on the FINA Masters Committee.

Ed Evelly, Chair, FINA Masters Committee

One thing that always impressed me about Bill was that he was always there to help!"
David E. Morrill, Venezuela Masters Swimmer
Bill Cody kept calm when everyone else would break down. We traveled to different parts of Europe, Central America, the USA and the Caribbean while I was a member Puerto Rico's National Team. Rose and Robin along with Bill always represented Puerto Rico with dignity and class. He understood the International Aquatics world with a deep presence and his sense of humor set him apart from everyone else. It was a pleasure to spend time with Bill during our UANA Conferences, CCCAN events and while enjoying a simple meal along with our multiple international friends. "Wild Buffalo Bill Cody" will always be remembered with love. His knowledge will continue to spread among the aquatics world. Hundreds of Puerto Rican young men and women will always remember Bill as having a steady hand under pressure and making difficult moments more fun with his sense of humor and kind heart. Above all he was a great team leader, father, husband and friend. Gracias por todo Bill se te quiere inmensamente y ruego a Dios por ti, por Rose y por tu bella familia.

Abrazos y besos,
Fernando J Canales, UANA Technical Swimming Committee

Our thoughts and prayers are today with Rose Cody, whose husband Bill passed away this morning.  Bill has been a pillar in the aquatics world for many years, serving many roles, including the position of CCCAN Treasurer through July 2010.

Soft spoken and reliable, Bill loved anything to do with aquatics and often supported Rose in her effort to develop CCCAN, UANA and World Synchronized Swimming.
Bill will be missed, but his love for the sport, his integrity and honesty will be the legacy that resounds within us for years to come.  Rose, the prayers and thoughts of the Jamaican Swimming Fraternity are with you and your family.
Bill will be missed, but his love for the sport, his integrity and honesty will be the legacy that resounds within us for years to come.  Rose, the prayers and thoughts of the Jamaican Swimming Fraternity are with you and your family.
Amateur Swimming Association of Jamaica, February 14, 2011