Orinda Aquatics Welcomes Bridge Athletic

BridgeAthletic is working with Orinda Aquatics to offer a year-round swimming-specific strength and conditioning program for all Senior Group athletes. BridgeAthletic was founded in 2011 by Nick Folker and Michael Sharf, two long time members of the aquatics community. 

Nick and Michael, along with the rest of the BridgeAthletic team are building out an educational-technology platform that will connect all athletes and fitness enthusiasts with the elite knowledge of the “pros”. Our initial focus is on strength and conditioning and nutritional optimization. Nick has earned the distinction of being the top strength trainer in the world for Olympic swimmers. His clients have won 22 medals in the past three Olympic Games, and his teams have combined to win 7 NCAA National Championships. Michael, an OA Alum and current student at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, is a former professional water polo player who has been coaching in the Lamorinda community for the past 9 years.

Program Overview:

·         Our training program will always place an emphasis on teaching proper technique for each movement

·         We structure workouts to foster injury-prevention, joint and rotational-stability

·         The overall program will follow a distance and stroke specific progression from building phase through taper

How it will work:

·         The initial phase leading into NCS will focus on swimming specific dry-land training

·         During the second phase, following the NCS meet, we will perform the first of the bi-annual stability, mobility and flexibility assessment

·         After the assessment each athlete will receive individualized flexibility and stability work that is tailored to focus on areas of weakness

·         Elite BridgeAthletic Certified Trainer and London Olympian, Martin Liivamagi, will be the point trainer assigned to Orinda Aquatics, in addition to Nick Folker. At BridgeAthletic, we place a premium on teaching correct technique for each exercise and movement from the outset

Nutrition and Recovery Best Practices:

·         Instilling the habits early of eating well, warming up correctly and stretching post-performance are essential in optimal performance, optimal recovery, injury prevention and career longevity

·         BridgeAthletic will provide OA athletes and parents with nutritional resources that will help de-mystify the science of athletic-nutrition

o   These presentations will include guidance on preferred nutrition for optimal training and competition results, as well as general well-being

·         Athletes will be provided BridgeAthletic warm-up and post-exercise stretching routines for both training and competition to help accelerate recovery

Our goal at Bridge is to help build athletes, and instill the values of an athletic lifestyle. We have successfully trained NCS, NCAA and Olympic champions and we are excited to help the athletes at Orinda Aquatics achieve their goals, whatever they may be.