2012 LAC Partners & Links
Thank you/ New Junior Cut/ Better Sleep

Hello all LAC families.  This is a short message to go over a few important pieces of information.  

First of all thank you to all parents and swimmers who attended the meeting last Wednesday April 10th.  It is great to see your support for the values of this team.  We have some amazing people on our team who are becoming great leaders.  Thank you for helping with accountability so we can all develop great team minded habits.  

The Senior Group had an exciting meet on Saturday the 13th as we swam our first Long Course of the Season.  We had 15 best times, including top 10 finishes by Stephen Mackanic and Bryce Mclaggan.  Bryce became LAC's 5th swimmer to reach the USA Swimming Summer Junior National Level when he qualified in the 50free.  The USA Swimming Summer Junior National Level is currently the third highest level in the United States behind Olympic Trials and US Open.  This time standard qualifies Bryce for the Santa Clara International Meet in May/June and for US Junior Nationals in Irvine in August.  Way to go Bryce!  

We talked shortly about nutrition at the meeting on Wednesday.  Please remember how important it is to refuel and rehydrate within 15 minutes of exercise.  Please do not allow your child to spend time in the hot tub with out rehydrating and refueling first as this hot tub time will only increase the fatigue of practice if there has not been caloric uptake and hydration.  Some great options for fuel after practice are:  fresh fruit, smoothie, protein shake, chocolate milk, etc.  

Sleeping well is vital for everyone but especially important for athletes who break down their muscles each day in practice.  When we sleep our real gains are made as our muscles repair themselves and function at an even higher level than before the exercise.  Human growth hormone is released during sleep which helps us grow and makes us stronger.  Also, studies show that gains from learning actually take place during sleep.  Sometimes people have trouble falling asleep, especially teenagers.  One reason for this might be use of TV, computers, or phones too near to bedtime.  The blue light emitted from these devices tricks our bodies into thinking it is daytime, and melatonin release is inhibited.  Melatonin is what helps us to sleep, so by using our phones/ TVs/ computers too near to bedtime, we are stimulating ourselves and this makes it difficult to fall asleep.  If you are having trouble sleeping, try unplugging sooner, and reading a book, which will help you to fall asleep.  For more information on sleep and blue light, Google:  sleep and blue light.  

The talent show is tomorrow.  So far we have very limited sign ups.  This has been a great event for our team in the past.  Please sign up to play piano, sing, dance, tell jokes, etc.  This is an awesome opportunity to get to know your teammates in a new way and to show another side of yourself.  

Next CBA+ meet is June 8-9 in Pleasanton.  Please be on the lookout for when this meet opens as it will fill quickly.  

Thanks all Aquacowboys for the great enthusiasm you put into being on this team!  

Coach Alex