Safety Training for Swim Coaches´┐Ż


TO:      LSC Safety Chairs

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            LSC Permanent Offices


The American Red Cross announcement below was emailed on April 17 to all of the pools that host ARC learn-to-swim programs. Hopefully it will help the coaches who can never find a Safety Training for Swim Coaches class when they need it. Instead of referring coaches to their local ARC chapter, please tell them to contact the manager of their local pool in order to find an ARC lifeguard instructor who can provide the course to them. It is very frustrating when coaches are told by their local ARC chapter that STSC is no longer being offered or is not going to be available for many months.


Once the new STSC curriculum is released on September 1st, only LGIs and STSCIs will be allowed to teach the course. Until then, a WSI (water safety instructor) can teach it as well.


STSC is currently a three-year certification but will change to two years when the new curriculum is released on 9/1. The new curriculum will include a first aid component and, at the time of the release, USA Swimming will no longer require that coaches maintain a separate first aid certificate. Coaches must continue to have a valid first aid cert until such time as the new STSC curriculum is released. The new curriculum will still include a classroom component and a pool component – the classroom component can still be fulfilled by taking the online STSC exam but the results will no longer upload into our membership database automatically. Coaches will have to forward their confirmation email to their LSC Membership Chair. To complete the pool session, they will have to print the email and take it with them to the pool session (which they must complete within 30 days of passing the online exam). Coaches who have an acceptable lifeguard cert will continue to be exempt from the pool component of STSC, but must provide proof of their lifeguard cert to their LSC Membership Chair.


If you have any questions about the transition or the new course, please let me know.


Cathy Durance

Member Services Coordinator