Puerto Rican Swimming Federation statement about November elections

Puerto Rican Swimming Federation statement about November elections

ýPUERTO RICO--On April 6, the Puerto Rican Swimming Federation, Federaciýn Puertorriqueýa de Nataciýn (FPN), posted a statement related to allegations in the media against the federation related to the FPN's
elections held last September.
In the statement, FPN clarifies that on November 1, 2012, it responded to an inquiry from the Puerto Rican
Olympic Committee (COPUR) about its election, and at COPUR's 2013 General Assembly in March was allotted a brief amount of time to discuss the matter with the COPUR President.
Local media, and reportedly the COPUR President, claim that FPN has not responded at all to the
allegations, which has led COPUR to demand that FPN re-do their elections or risk being expelled from COPUR.
In FPN's post, the federation explains that the original court protest to the elections was
dismissed, which is the supposed grounds for COPUR's inquiry and the threat of suspension. FPN also reminds COPUR and the media that COPUR is not to interfere with its member federations elections, per COPUR statues.
FPN's notice on this matter can be found on their main page [in Spanish] here:ý

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