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We're Back....

With a big thanks to the efforts of the maintenance staff and athletics department, the Liverpool High School pool is back online starting today (Tuesday - May 7th, 2013).  We haven't had a shut down like this in over a decade and it is certainly due to the concerted efforts of the school district to maintain quality facilities. 

We will be proceeding with the updated schedule that was posted on May 3rd at this link: 

As always, athletes attending practices with a (DL) should bring Dry-Land clothes.  BTW - In light of our little time out of the water, we'll be throwing together a t-shirt order soon to help outfit our athletes accordingly.  We always prefer to see our swimmers wearing JETS gear while working out.  It's great for team chemistry and we want anyone who sees us in action to know who we are.  So please keep an eye out for it.

Coach Zac